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Coursera: Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)

Course Date: 
March 31, 2014 - May 12, 2014
Course Instructors: 

John D.B. Featherstone, MSc, PhD, Professor and Dean, UCSF School of Dentistry

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) on Coursera

The course may be taken for free.  12 units of California Continuing Dental Education Credit is available for $189: $69 for Coursera Signature Track, and $120 for UCSF Dentistry CDE.  CDE Credit will be awarded upon certified completion of the course, payment of both fees, and presentation of Coursera Signature Track to UCSF Continuing Dental Education.

To obtain 12 units of UCSF Continuing Dental Education Credit for Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) you must register and pay for Coursera Signature Track (via coursera website) by the second week of the course (April 14, 2014). If you do not register for Coursera Signature Track, you are not eligible to recieve CDE credit.


This online Coursera MOOC (massive open online course) will provide the scientific basis for caries risk assessment and practice interventions. You will immediately be able to apply “caries management by risk assessment” into your clinical setting or into your personal health care.

Workload: 4-6 hours/week

Dental Caries (tooth decay) is a bacterially based disease that progresses when acid produced by bacterial action on dietary fermentable carbohydrates travels into the tooth and dissolves the carbonated hydroxyapatite mineral. This process is called demineralization.

Pathological factors, including acidogenic bacteria, salivary dysfunction, and dietary carbohydrates are related to caries progression. Protective factors, which include antibacterials, salivary calcium, phosphate and proteins, salivary flow, and fluoride in saliva can balance, prevent or reverse dental caries through a process of remineralization. Remineralization is a natural and reliable repair mechanism for non-cavitated carious lesions.

This course will provide the scientific basis behind the “caries balance” concept, which is the key to caries management by risk assessment in clinical practice. If pathological factors prevail caries progresses. If protective factors prevail the caries process is halted or reversed.

The course will present tools to implement CAMBRA, "caries management by risk assessment," in your clinical setting. It can be in implemented medical and dental settings, and can benefit children and adults of all ages. Implementation in dental practice provides patients with genuine hope and success for the management of their oral health. It is a practice builder for dentistry.

This class has been approved for 12 units of Category I UCSF Continuing Dental Education credit for practicing dental professionals.