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Diversity at UCSF Dentistry

The UCSF School of Dentistry is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse learning and working environment, and diversity is deeply valued in the School’s academic, clinical and scientific culture.

Here, faculty, staff and students will find a welcoming place to achieve their goals. The School seeks faculty and staff employees from all communities, and celebrates their unique contributions to our lives and work.

The focus for admissions to the educational programs includes processes that evaluate individual merit, defined as the full breadth of accomplishment, and provides outreach to all communities to actively seek a diverse student body.

Our effectiveness is evaluated and shared with the Chancellor every year.

Our specific goals are enumerated in the 2010 Strategic Plan, section 3, and are as follows:

3. Promote the Diversity of School Leadership, Faculty, Students/Trainees, and Staff, as measured by:

a. Following the Campus diversity hiring goals

b. Sustaining outreach programs to undergraduate campuses, and advertising the School and its commitment to diversity

c. Enhancing resources of scholarship funds for economically disadvantaged students

d. Focusing the admissions process on the full breadth of an applicant’s accomplishments

e. Annual formal review of School and Campus Diversity Reports

Diversity at UCSF