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Student Dental Implant Program

The student clinic at UCSF School of Dentistry is offering affordable dental implants to our community.

Please schedule a New Patient Visit if you wish to be evaluated for your eligibility for this program.

Questions & Answers:

1. Who is eligible for the student dental implant program?
CASH patients only.  At this time, the student implant program provides affordable implants to patients who require one or two implants in the back of the mouth. It is important that the mouth is otherwise healthy and that the ‘bite’ is normal.

2. How will I know if I am eligible for the student dental implant program?
In order to be evaluated for this program, it is necessary that you become a patient of the dental student clinic first, using the New Patient Visit protocol (fee of $12)  - click here to go to the New Patient Visit page. You will be briefly assessed at this time. If it is thought that you may be a candidate, further full examination will take place for which a further fee is required. This second visit is called a Comprehensive Oral Examination.

3. Why do I need a comprehensive oral examination in order to verify that I am eligible for the student implant program?
During this second visit, a full history, comprehensive examination and any other tests are completed (for example, x-rays and stone models of your teeth may be required). It is necessary to have all this further information in order to evaluate your dental situation and your suitability for the program. Until this full examination is complete and specialty consultations completed, it is not possible to determine your eligibility. At the end of this comprehensive process you will be informed of your dental implant eligibility in addition to information regarding any other dental issues you may have.

4. What will happen if I am eligible for the dental student implant program?
At the end of the comprehensive exam process, you will be provided with a treatment plan and quotation for your dental implants. The surgical placement of the implants takes place in one of the specialty clinics. The final restoration takes place in the student clinic.

5. What will happen if I am not eligible for the student implant program?
If you are not eligible for the student implant program due to the complexity of your required restorations, you may be referred to a post graduate clinic for further assessment.

6. What do I need to bring with me to my New Patient Visit appointment?
Please bring any radiographs (X Rays) and referral note from your dentist. If you do not have any radiographs, it will be necessary for us to do X-rays, at an additional cost.

7. How much is the total cost for dental implants in the student dental implant program?
If you qualify for entry into the student implant program, the cost of each implant is in the region of $1900 for both the surgical placement and the final crown to be placed. These fees represent a significant savings over the ‘normal’ implant fees. There are additional fees for the New Patient Visit, the Comprehensive Oral Exam, radiographs (Cone Beam CT) and mounted diagnostic casts. These additional fees are in the region of $200-250. Additional procedures may be recommended for which additional fees will be quoted.

8. How long will this process take?
From the time of treatment planning, surgical placement of the implants and subsequent healing takes in the region of 3-4 months. After this time the implant restoration takes about 3-4 weeks.

9. If I need to have a tooth removed before having the implant placed, can the implant be placed on the same day as the extraction?
In order to maximize the success rate of your dental implant, the implant will not be placed on the day of extraction. After extraction, a period of healing will take place. It may be necessary to re-evaluate your eligibility for the student implant program after healing takes place. The cost of the extraction is not included in the fees itemized above.

10. How long does the implant last? How do I maintain my implant?
Dental implants have a high success rate. The success also depends on a number of factors including the quality of your bone, your age and whether you smoke. The crown placed on top of the implant may not last as long as the implant, and may require replacement periodically; this will be at a further cost to the patient. Heavy biting on a crown (for example clenching and grinding) will lead to a replacement being required earlier. The implant should be maintained much as your other teeth: Regular dental visits, daily hygiene including flossing and regular dental cleanings are necessary.

11. Do implants fail? What happens if they fail?
Dental implants have a high success rate. There are situations where an implant fails and these situations cannot be anticipated. The failed implant will be removed at no additional cost to the patient, but there is no refund of costs to the patient in the unlikely event of implant failure. A patient may elect to receive an additional implant to the same site, this can be provided at an additional fee to the patient.

12. I have already had an implant placed in private practice. Can I enroll in the student implant program in order to have it restored?
It is not possible to accept patients into the student implant program if they already have had an implant surgically placed and wish to have that implant restored. However, patients who have not yet had the implant surgically placed can be considered for this program. In addition, patients who already have previous successfully restored implants are welcome to come to the Student Dental Implant Program for additional implants.

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