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IADR/AADR 2011 News Roundup

March 30, 2011

IADR/AADR 2011Summary of UCSF Awards

Oral Medicine and Pathology Research Award
Established by the IADR Experimental Pathology Group and supported by Unilever Oral Care, this award recognizes outstanding and sustained peer-reviewed research that has contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms governing the health and disease of the oral cavity and associated structures, principally encompassing skin, bone, and the oral soft tissue.

  • Deborah Greenspan

AADR Student Research Fellowships
These Fellowships, supported by several major industrial companies, as well as by AADR and IADR Group Chapters, Sections, and members, are sponsored and administered by the AADR and have been created to encourage dental students living in the United States to consider careers in oral health research.

  • Kristin Evans (Mentor: Tri Huynh)
  • Kulginder Sran (Mentor: Ralph Marcucio)
  • Stacey Moon (Mentor: Rich Schneider)
  • Michael Morris (Mentor: Sharof Tugizov)
  • Ramina Sarmicanic (Mentor: Torsten Wittmann)
  • Abraham Tang (Mentor: Peter Loomer)

2011 Dentsply/Caulk Competition - Basic Science
The 24th annual DENTSPLY/Caulk Student Research Group (SRG) Award Competition for original research, sponsored by DENTSPLY/Caulk. The Competition was created to encourage students living in the United States to conduct original research and to be reviewed by their peers.

  • Neha Das - 2nd Place (Mentor: Ophir Klein)

IADR Bernard Sarnat Award - Craniofacial Biology
This award is available to predoctoral and postdoctoral students and recognizes original and outstanding research on craniofacial growth and development.

  • Erin Ealba - 2nd Place (Mentor: Rich Schneider)

AADR 2011 Bloc Travel Grants

  • Joseph Eliason
  • Niousha Saghafi
  • Neha Das
  • Cheryl Kang

IADR/Unilever Divisional Hatton Awards
The IADR/Unilever Hatton Awards Competition is designed to provide an opportunity for the best junior investigators from all IADR Divisions and non-Divisional Sections to present their research at the annual IADR General Session.

UCSF Representatives

  • Joshua Emrick
  • Behdad Javdan

Photographs: Courtesy Dr. John Greenspan and Roger Mraz.