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UCSF Synapse: CDC article by D1 T. Booth Haley

April 18, 2011

CDC in SynapseD1 T. Booth Haley has published an article for UCSF's student newspaper Synapse detailing the history and activities of UCSF Dentistry's Community Dental Clinic.  In particular, the clinic's role in the social safety net, providing essential health services that benefit individual patients and the community as a whole.

"The services the students there provide are much needed and their participation helps raise awareness among their colleagues about the degree of dental need in our society" writes Haley. "'Most students have no idea how many people can’t afford care – it’s a huge problem, not just for homeless folks. The CDC helps show students what it’s like off campus,' said Dmitry Pivnik, a first-year dental student and CDC coordinator."

CDC article:
Community Dental Clinic: