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D4 Hayashibara Receives Delta Dental Student Leadership Award

April 19, 2012

Shannon HayashibaraUCSF Dentistry Scholarship Committee Chair Dr. Wu Li announces that 4th Year UCSF Dentistry student Shannon Hayashibara has been selected as the recipient for this year’s Delta Dental Student Leadership Award. Delta Dental presented Hayashibara with a scholarship in the amount of $12,500 at a luncheon ceremony, also attended by Dean Featherstone.

The Delta Dental Foundation awards scholarships and Student Leadership Awards to students who demonstrate excellent academic and leadership skills, and who exhibit a passion for dentistry.

Hayashibara was honored by the recognition.


John Yamamoto of Delta Dental, Shannon Hayashibara, UCSF Dentistry Dean John D.B. Featherstone (above); Hayashibara - front row, far left - with fellow awardees (below)


Delta Dental