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UCSF Dentistry's Global Oral Health Symposium 2012 Resounds Internationally

April 23, 2012

Global Oral Health Symposium 2012UCSF Dentistry's Global Oral Health Symposium 2012 repeated and expanded on the success of last year's inaugural event, bringing grater visibility to vital oral health issues worldwide, and the extraordinary international effort to address them.

As described by Dr. John S. Greenspan, Associate Dean for Global Oral Health, UCSF Dentistry:

The Second UCSF School of Dentistry Global Oral Health Day and Symposium was attended by almost 100 campus and visiting participants. Some came from abroad - China, Germany, India - and many came from the US,  but all seemed to enjoy the day and take something away.

The theme this year was “Workforce Issues for Global Oral Health” with a keynote from Dr. Jaime Sepulveda, UCSF Director of Global Health Sciences, who discussed the recent Lancet Commission report on health professionals for a new century.

Dean Tao Xu of Peking University's School of Stomatology explored recent changes and future trends in oral health in China.  Dr. Daniel Davidson, President of the California Dental Association, discussed the recent CDA report on access to care.  And Dr Habib Benzian from Germany, Senior Advisor of Fit for School in the Philippines and Director of The Health Bureau Global Health Consultants, shared broad insights into global oral care workforce issues.

Our UCSF speakers were Dr. Peter Loomer from UCSF Dentistry's Department of Orofacial Sciences, and Dr. Susan Fisher-Owens from UCSF Medicine's Department of Pediatrics.

Dean Bruce Donoff of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine oriented our group to the program in global oral health that he is building at Harvard.

This second event confirms UCSF’s leading role on global oral health. Next year’s should be even better!

Adds UCSF Dentistry Dean John D.B. Featherstone: "This was a fantastic program that addressed a key question that has worldwide ramifications. I loved the program, as did the participants. Congratulations to all involved. UCSF is advancing health worldwide."

Following the panel discussion that concluded the day, UCSF Dentistry's Dr. Caroline Shiboski was recognized with the Faculty Award for Achievement in Global Oral Health, and UCSF Dentistry Graduate Program DDS/PhD student Dr. Benjamin Chaffee was recognized with the Student Award for Achievement in Global Oral Health.


(Top to bottom): Elizabeth Mertz, UCSF Dentistry; Caroline Shiboski, UCSF Dentistry and John S. Greenspan, Associate Dean for Global Oral Health, UCSF Dentistry; Peter Loomer, UCSF Dentistry, and Tao Xu, Peking University, School of Stomatology; Greenspan, Benjamin Chaffee, UCSF Dentistry, and John D.B. Featherstone, Dean, UCSF Dentistry; Xu, Susan A. Fisher-Owens, UCSF Medicine


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