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UCSF Dentistry's Huang and the International e-Portfolio Project

July 25, 2012

HuangA few years ago, UCSF Dentistry's Dr. Sam Huang (D'85) was awarded part of a US$20,000 educational grant to develop a strategic educational initiative between UCSF and the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

From this grant developed new alliances and connections with other universities to form the International e-Portfolio project, through a newly-created Diastemas website.

UCSF dental students have been participating in this in the simulation curriculum for the past four years, and the School will be incorporating CAD/CAM 3-D images in the project.

Explains Dr. Huang: "The Project fell under the CCSIP - Canadian California Strategic Initiative Partnership. Dr. Karen Gardner from the University of British Columbia and I, representing UCSF and California, were co-authors of this educational grant to develop initiatives to incorporate digital learning in dental schools and beyond. Several other international dental schools were present, but UCSF was the sole California representative.  We created a program for educators in Canada and California to discuss teaching methods and ideas as it applies to digital learning in the dental school environment. I presented information on 3-D technology and CAD/CAM, while Dr. Gardner presented ideas regarding portfolio education and how it can be linked with technology.  As a result of this Initiative, UBC and UCSF led the development of the International e-Portfolio Project which created the Diastemas website. The website is an international interactive repository of dental portfolios and where international communities of dental students share ideas and experiences. UCSF has incorporated this in our Operative simulation curriculum. With the addition of CAD/CAM technology, we are moving forward to include 3-D Interactive Portfolios in our CLE."

Adds Huang: "New schools have joined our community which include the University of Australia, Birmingham University in England, University of Monterrey Mexico, University of Hong Kong, University of Saskatchewan, and of course UBC and UCSF."


Dr. Huang leads a CAD/CAM lecture in the new Fleming Pre-Clinical Simulation Laboratory


CCSIP - Canada California Strategic Innovation Partnership