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Vaderhobli and Huang Make an Impact at CEREC 27.5 CAD/CAM Conference

August 18, 2012

Dr. Ram Vaderhobli (right)UCSF Dentistry faculty Drs. Ram Vaderhobli and Sam Huang made a significant impact at a recent CAD/CAM conference, sharing the advances UCSF Dentistry has made in the techology - "a huge impact," in Dr. Vaderhobli's words.

Says Dr. Vaderhobli: "We have been pioneers in successfully implementing the CAD/CAM curriculum in predoctoral education amongst all dental schools worldwide, and Sam [Huang] spoke in depth about how we did it as part of his keynote address. We were mobbed by faculty from various schools afterward, asking us about the key points of Sam's presentation and about the steps we took to get it done."  Vaderhobli and Huang have received inquiries about presenting a CAD/CAM road show at various institutions, to share their experience and expertise.

Vaderhobli reports that he was awarded the top prize for keynote excellence in delivering the educational curriculum, via a poster.

"Sam, has put in endless hours in fine-tuning all the details to get the core lecture materials, videos, and training together, and we are very grateful for his vision and efforts" adds Vaderhobli.   He further credits UCSF Dentistry's Buchanan Dental Center, which "has led the way with smooth transitioning from lab to clinics, thanks largely to the work of Drs. Dick Mogensen and Gurrinder Atwal. Also, both Drs. George Taylor (Chair, Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences, UCSF Dentistry) and Sheila Brear have guided us with their awesome leadership - we are learning from their educational thought process every day."


Dr. Ram Vaderhobli (right)


CEREC 27.5 CAD/CAM Conference