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UCSF ASDA Chapter Awarded "Taking Oral Hygiene Awareness to Rural and Underserved America" Grant

February 19, 2013

Jolie Goodman and Iveta MarkovaThe UCSF ASDA Chapter is one of few schools to have been awarded the "Taking Oral Hygiene Awareness to Rural and Underserved America" grant this year. The initiative for this grant was led by community outreach coordinators Jolie Goodman (D2) and Iveta Markova (D3).

The grant provides funding support for oral hygiene education initiatives to underserved communities that could greatly benefit from oral hygiene education. Students at UCSF have partnered with members of The Berkeley Free Clinic (BFC) team to enhance their dental services through this grant.

The BFC is located 15 miles from San Francisco, and for over 40 years has stood as an icon to the community and as a safe haven to receive free medical, dental, and counseling services regardless of race, age, gender, or economic status. The Dental Section currently provides cleanings, extractions, and restorative services to those in need, however lacks prevention services. Through this grant, ASDA Community Outreach members will address these needs by providing oral hygiene education and prevention services to BFC patients.

Says Goodman: "The mission of the UCSF ASDA chapter is to identify needs in our community, and to address those needs. Our vision for this endeavor is to educate the patients of the BFC about proper oral hygiene practices, and also to modify lessons so as to provide a way that these practices are feasible for the target population, now and in the future. Many of the BFC patients are of high caries risk and homeless, as a result the best practices for them are different than for others. Many of them would benefit from fluoride treatments, such as prescription toothpaste, fluoride rinses, or varnish. The grant will provide UCSF dental students the funding and resources to enhance the current dental services at the BFC through prevention services." 


Jolie Goodman and Iveta Markova