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UCSF Dentistry ASDA Members Receive National ASDA Posts

April 2, 2013

Two ASDA @ UCSF members have applied for and received national American Student Dental Association (ASDA) positions.

D1 Nicole (Neek) LaMantia, who will be the Electronic Editor and will be managing the national ASDA blog, Mouthing Off at She will attend all National Editorial meetings most of which are held in Chicago, site of ASDA's headquarters, which also happens to be her hometown.

D2 TIffany Hsu has received the position of Council Associate to the Council on Communications. There are four members on the council, responsible for improving communications between ASDA's leadership and membership.  The council is a significant resource for chapters that seek to improve their communication efforts.

Congratulations to Tiffany and Nicole!


Nicole (Neek) LaMantia and Tiffany Hsu