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UCSF Dentistry's First ASDA Admit Day

April 6, 2013

UCSF Dentistry's ASDA Admit Day, 2013By Jonathan Hurng

"Congratulations!" goes the message. "You have just been accepted to the UCSF School of Dentistry!"

But what happens next?

In an attempt to answer this and many other questions in-depth and in-person, the UCSF Dentistry chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Pre-Dental Committee organized and hosted the School’s first-ever ASDA Admit Day on campus. All members of the incoming UCSF Dentistry Class of 2017 were invited to campus on April 6th, 2013.

Committee chair Michael Hong (D2) commented that "Dental school can prove very difficult without adequate support; no one should feel left out, or left behind. Our motivation for creating this event was to reassure incoming students that the administration and upperclassmen will advocate for their well being and educational success."

After six months of planning and fundraising, and with the support of the UCSF Dentistry Dean’s Office, the event attracted 38 members of the incoming class of 88 students. Highlights included student-prepared “mini lectures” on craniofacial nerve anatomy, G.V. Black’s Classification of Cavity Preparations, preparing for post-graduate education, and American Association for Dental Research (AADR) summer research fellowship opportunities, as well as a presentation on strategies for selecting housing options, and student Q&A panels with representatives from all of the current classes. Attendees concluded the day by taking alginate impressions, working with laboratory equipment, and identifying adult tooth anatomy in the Fleming Pre-Doctoral Simulation Lab on the fourth floor of the UCSF Dental Center.

"Admit Day is a reflection of ASDA’s commitment to students, with the ultimate goal of preparing them to become successful dentists. We are so appreciative of the support and participation that we have received from the Dean’s Office and students from all classes to make this event possible” said President-elect Tiffany Hsu (D2), the UCSF Dentistry ASDA chapter. The ASDA group put a great deal of thought, time and commitment into this event.

Associate Dean for Education and Student Affairs Dr. Dorothy Perry observed "We recognize the potential for pre-dental school excitement and anxiety, and this event presented a unique opportunity to introduce the incoming class to their UCSF family, a large group who will be there to support them, in their pre- and post-doctoral education. No one is a better ambassador for students than our current students."

Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management and Outreach James Betbeze added "Although an Admit Day event may not appear to be a novelty, how many of them are orchestrated by students? Dentistry is looking for leaders. At UCSF, we are proud to support and foster this type of innovation, and we were impressed by this event because it exemplified the dedication and commitment of USCF Dentistry’s ASDA chapter to student advocacy."

UCSF Dentistry’s ASDA chapter and the UCSF Dentistry Dean's Office are collaborating to ensure the continuation of ASDA Admit Day in the future. Complementary projects are currently underway to improve the way incoming students are able to acquire relevant information. "We are always looking for ways to better serve our study body, and ASDA Admit Day provided the perfect platform for us to extend a hand to the newest members of our UCSF Dentistry family" concluded Michael Hong.

For more information regarding UCSF Dentistry’s ASDA Admit Day, please contact Michael Hong at


UCSF Dentistry's ASDA Admit Day, 2013