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2013-14 UCSF Dentistry Global Oral Health Fellows Announced

February 11, 2014

Global Oral Health Fellows for 2013-14

By Roger Mraz, Office of Graduate and Research Affairs

The Program in Global Oral Health is happy to announce recipients of Global Oral Health Fellowships for 2013-14.

They are as follows:

Kjeld Aamodt (Mentor: Maria Orellana)
Grace Chen (Mentor: Octavia Plesh)
Shoghi Fareid (Mentor: Maria Orellana)
Ivy Fua (Mentor: Lilliam Pinzon)
Booth Haley (Mentor: Beth Mertz)
Azeem Mughni (Mentor: Ann Lazar)
Triet Vuong (Mentor: Bahar Amanzadeh)
Wendy Yang (Mentor: Ling Zhan)

Says Dr. John S. Greenspan, Associate Dean for Global Oral Health: "I am so impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of our student Global Oral Health Fellows. They juggle so many responsibilities yet maintain an amazing energy level.  These fellowships represent an important part of our Global Oral Health program, because the students are exposed to unique opportunities and are working with dedicated, outstanding faculty mentors."

GOH Fellow Ivy Fua says "I've learned so much about global health, research, and myself, from this experience. I want to express my gratitude to Dr. John Greenspan, Roger Mraz, and to my mentor, Dr. Lilliam Pinzon, for always supporting and encouraging me. I am looking forward to continuing our project in Colombia, and to pursuing a career that involves research."

The Global Oral Health Fellowship program is an opportunity for funding open to current 1st, 2nd or 3rd year students, for a research project relevant to global oral health.  Led by Dr. Greenspan, its mission is the improvement of oral and craniofacial health worldwide.

The goals for the Global Oral Health Program include building, strengthening and coordinating our activities in global oral health, developing and supporting programs of excellence in global oral health sciences and international health within UCSF Dentistry, and interacting with UCSF campus, the UC system as a whole, and other initiatives in global health. These include educational, research, and community/public service programs.


Front row, left to right: Kjeld Aamodt, Triet Vuong, Grace Chen, Wendy Yang, Ivy Fua, and Dr. John Greenspan; back row, left to right: Azeem Mughni, Roger Mraz, Booth Haley, and Shoghi Fareid.


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