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2014 Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Program Recognition Ceremony

May 15, 2014

2013-14 Dental Post-Baccalaureate Cohort with Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management & Outreach James C. Betbeze (right)

On May 13th, students, families, faculty and staff gathered at the Lange Room to celebrate 21 students’ successful completion of the 2013-14 Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Program. With clear skies and a warm temperature, the Lange Room proved to be the perfect setting to celebrate these students’ accomplishments.

The highlight of the event was when student representatives from each cohort (Dental, Pharmacy and Medical) spoke to the audience about their experience in the program. These speeches were both moving and entertaining, providing moments of humor, emotion, music and depth that highlighted the dedication it took for the students to succeed in the program, despite many challenges.

We wish these students nothing but the best as they begin the process of applying to their prospective professional schools in the upcoming months.


2013-14 Dental Post-Baccalaureate Cohort (left to right): Alejandra Saenz, Jessica Baisley, Jose Carrasco Sandoval, Gaff “Will” Wiltshire, and Brandon Lynch, with Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management & Outreach James C. Betbeze.