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Strategic Plan: Focus on Education

April 26, 2016

Our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan focuses on excellence in patient care, education and discovery. This month we feature the Education section of the plan.

As an internationally recognized dental school, we will continue to provide the world’s best education for future health professionals through a dynamic, contemporary core curriculum, enriched with opportunities to develop individual expertise in education, research, service and leadership.

Our curriculum will emphasize evidence-based dentistry, learner-centered education, patient-centered care, collaboration with dental hygienists and other health care professionals, dental public health experiences, and the application of electronic health records and other IT tools.

Our curriculum and training will prepare graduates for a systems-based practice environment, so that they are prepared for changes in the profession and their careers.

The predoctoral, graduate and postgraduate curricula will remain contemporary through regular evaluation and infusion with new evidence-based information.

We will emphasize excellence in teaching with an experienced, competent and caring faculty in a supportive and welcoming learning environment.

Our excellent education will equip students, residents and post-doctoral professionals with the vital competencies and tools needed to provide excellent patient care, and to lead, influence and re-shape the future of health care.

Look for more about our strategic plan in May, and learn more about our commitment to achieve excellence in patient care, education and discovery.

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