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Our Strategic Plan: People

July 25, 2016

As we look at the five focus areas of our five-year strategic plan, the spotlight this month shines on people.

In order to attract and retain the best faculty, staff, students and trainees, we strive to create and maintain a supportive work and learning environment. The school has identified five key concentrations:

  1. Promote diversity and inclusion: within school leadership, faculty, students, trainees and staff. The appointment of Dr. George Taylor as associate dean for diversity and inclusion is a key part of this objective. Other strategies include expanding outreach efforts aimed at undergraduates; bolstering resources for scholarships aimed at students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds; review of and response to school and campus diversity and climate reports; and implementing efforts to enhance recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse faculty and staff.
  2. Students and trainees: We strive to maintain a supportive learning environment to prepare students and trainees for the evolving health system and to become future leaders in the profession. An important element of this is communication: Student-faculty liaison meetings, “town hall” gatherings and formal opportunities for student feedback are but a few of the ways we’ve facilitated two-way communication. Meaningful mentoring programs also help support our students and trainees.
  3. Staff: We aim to support staff by maintaining a collaborative work environment that allows individuals to contribute to our mission as well as further develop their skills. Our annual recognition event and monthly recognition awards are some of the ways we celebrate accomplishments and excellence. Supervisory training, mentoring and employee development opportunities enable and encourage staff to invest in and advance their careers.
  4. Faculty: Our mission depends on attracting and retaining the best faculty. The high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area makes this more challenging. To accomplish this, the school is increasing the number of endowed chairs, distinguished professorships and other financially stable positions; providing mentoring, training and other development opportunities; and using other support strategies to encourage faculty to come and stay.
  5. Alumni: One’s connection to UCSF doesn’t end with receiving a diploma. We encourage alumni to remain engaged and to participate in the many facets of life at the School of Dentistry. Opportunities abound for alumni to meet students, faculty and staff, take part in continuing education, mentor students and more.

Through these concentrations, our strategic plan provides a blue print for making our people feel valued, appreciated and engaged.
Look for more information about our strategic plan next month, when we will discuss our business objectives.

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