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UCSF Dental Center Is to Become a Reality

January 25, 2017

UCSF Dental Center

From John D.B. Featherstone, dean of the School of Dentistry:

I am pleased to announce the formal launching of UCSF’s Dental Center, and the appointment of some key administrative personnel. In addition, I am providing some timelines for the initial phase of the implementation of the Dental Center. As you know, the Dental Center addresses several key elements of our Strategic Plan with the goal of providing outstanding, seamless, patient-centered and cost-effective care in an environment that optimizes patient experiences and student learning.  We expect that with enhanced patient services, increased clinic efficiencies and strong market presence, we will generate substantial additional resources to reinvest into our educational, clinical and research missions and also for our staff and faculty development.

Following several meetings over the past months with an Advisory Board and input from the school’s administration, Department Chairs, faculty and Dean’s Council, a transitional organizational structure for the Dental Center has been formulated. Given the maturation of this concept we are now entering the next phase of planning and implementation of the Dental Center. The Dental Center will be managed by an Administrative Team headed by the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Dental Officer (CEO/CDO), and composed of Director of Operations and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supported by Directors of Clinical Information and Technology (currently NIS) and Marketing. Working in collaboration with the Dean, Associate Deans, Department Chairs and managers, the Administrative Team’s charge will be to prioritize, plan and deliver on the key goals of the Dental Center as stipulated in the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan of the Dental School.

The inaugural members of the Administrative Team will officially be in place on Feb. 1, 2017 with the goal of seeking further input from staff, administrators, faculty, program directors, and departments and divisions to assess the current state of the School of Dentistry’s clinical operations, identify areas for improvement and, together with the department chairs, develop and implement the changes necessary to accomplish the goals stated above.  The department chairs will retain financial responsibility and administrative authority for their respective departments and clinics.  The Dental Center will provide the structure and organization to enable integrated patient-centered care, and improved efficiency for the operation of the entire dental clinical enterprise.  The leaders of the UCSF Dental Center will work with the Department Chairs to achieve clinical and financial improvements and success.  The details of the operational structure of the Dental Center and its areas of authority will be finalized in the coming months.

Sunil Kapila

Sunil Kapila, BDS, MS, PhD

It is my pleasure to inform you about the appointment of two experienced and capable individuals to key positions on the Dental Center Administrative Team. First, I have asked Dr. Sunil Kapila to serve as the inaugural CEO/CDO of the Dental Center, which he has kindly accepted.  Dr. Kapila obtained his dental degree at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, an MS in orthodontics at University of Oklahoma as a Fulbright-Hayes Scholar, and a PhD in Oral Biology from UCSF. Dr. Kapila is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He has an extensive and successful administrative history relevant to this position attained in his previous leadership positions at the University of Michigan and UCSF. As a Department Chair at the University of Michigan, Dr. Kapila balanced the competing institutional demands of academic and research excellence, with well-structured and efficient clinical operations, and collaborative patient care across different units.  Dr. Kapila has a proven ability to run efficient clinical operations with reinvestment of reserves towards enhancing institutional and programmatic goals. Undoubtedly this background will be essential in ensuring that we will maintain a balanced approach to our core missions of high caliber education, research, clinical experiences and patient care while developing essential resources required for supporting these very missions. As CEO/CDO Dr. Kapila will report to the Dean, and with input from the Dean, the Advisory Board and in collaboration with the Department Chairs, the CEO/CDO will lead the charge of planning and implementing the Dental Center. 

Lauren Haworth

Lauren Haworth

Our other key appointment is that of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Lauren Haworth will expand her duties within the Dean’s Office to include the role of CFO for the UCSF Dental Center. Haworth has served as finance director in the School of Dentistry since October 2012 and will continue with this role. She previously worked as a management analyst for the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and as chief of budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs in West Los Angeles. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a master’s degree in public policy from George Mason University.

As CFO, Haworth will be responsible for creating and implementing new standardized clinical financial reports to be used by all School of Dentistry clinical units and creating guidelines and training regarding standardization of expense coding across all clinical units. She will work closely with the department managers. In addition, Lauren will be responsible for monitoring overall financial health of the clinical units and ensuring that clinic financial plans are consistent with the Dental Center’s overall strategic plan.

Further, we are undertaking an internal search for a Director of Operations. The Director of Operations is a new position that will report directly to the CEO/CDO and indirectly to the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. The Director of Operations will be responsible for the day to day coordination and oversight of the clinic facilities and central clinical services areas within the UCSF Dental Center. The Director of Operations will work closely with the CEO/CDO and CFO of the Dental Center, the Department Chairs, the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Program Directors and Department Managers in addressing the clinical mission of the Dental Center.

In addition, we have begun a search to hire a Director of Marketing and Strategic Relations.  This is an expanded version of the role held until recently by Marc Fredson.  This role will be split between the Dental Center (70 percent) and the School of Dentistry (30 percent), and will be responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive, cohesive, and integrated strategic marketing and communications plans for the Dental Center and the School for the purpose of assertively promoting and advocating our services to external and internal audiences.

I believe that we have now embarked on an important and necessary journey to better serve our many constituents including our patients and students, while enhancing our ability to deliver on our primary mission of “Advancing health through excellence in patient care, education and discovery.” I hope that you will join me in supporting our Dental Center Adminsitrative Team in this endeavor to deliver on a critical goal of our Strategic Plan.