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Dentistry (DDS)

UCSF Dentistry Program

Our primary goal is to select applicants who share the school's educational objectives and can master our curriculum. Beyond that, we seek applicants who reflect the diversity of the people of California. We look for evidence of past achievements, as well as outstanding personal qualities and interest in contributing to the advancement of knowledge and service to the profession and the community.

Over the long term, the School of Dentistry seeks graduates who will return to their communities the clinical, intellectual and interpersonal skills expected of a health professional. In addition, our graduates should possess the enhanced sensitivities, broad understanding, open-minded attitudes and appreciation of cultural diversity that assure equitable distribution of high-quality dental health care to all members of our society. Further, we seek people who have the discipline to apply themselves, the desire to use their talents and abilities to the fullest, and the willingness to undertake leadership roles in academia, in their profession and in their communities.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The School of Dentistry adheres to and supports the UCSF non-discrimination policy related to admissions. Click here for full policy details.

Undocumented Student Welcome Statement

UCSF welcomes applications for admission from undocumented individuals, such as those who qualify under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and/or AB540. Please visit the University of California Office of the President website for more information.

Admissions Fact Sheet (PDF)