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Application Procedures


Applicants are advised to apply early, to submit all materials as requested, and to resolve promptly any problems or questions that may arise.

The UCSF School of Dentistry has a multi-step application process:

1. Applications are processed through the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). These applications are generally available from AADSAS after June 1st and must be electronically submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on October 15th. Late applications will not be considered. It is advised that you begin your AADSAS application early and leave plenty of time to submit it by our deadline, as we will not make exceptions for technical difficulties unless the AADSAS site was unavailable.

2. Official copies of transcripts for all college work you have completed at an accredited U.S. institution, or Canadian institution where English is the language of instruction, must be submitted to AADSAS. Do not submit copies of these transcripts to UCSF until instructed. For instructions regarding other transcripts and course work taken through an Education Abroad Program (EAP), see our information on Submitting International Documents. All required transcripts must be received at AADSAS by the October 15th deadline or your application will be regarded as incomplete and will not be considered.

3. The US Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is also required. It is recommended that the DAT be taken no later than September 15th in order that your scores may reach UCSF by our application deadline of October 15th. Applications without DAT scores by the October 15th deadline will be regarded as incomplete and will not be considered. We do not accept test scores more than two years old (from the opening of the admissions cycle); latest date to be accepted for 2016 admission cycle is June 2, 2013. Unofficial/faxed score reports are not accepted.

All applicants must have minimum DAT scores of 17 in the Total Science and Academic Average sections.

4. You must also send to AADSAS three letters of recommendation. One letter should be written by a college science professor, one by a dentist with whom you have volunteered, or an advisor / researcher / mentor; and one from an individual of your choice. Or, you may have one composite letter sent from a pre-professional health advisory committee in lieu of the three required letters. All letters must be received at AADSAS by the October 15th deadline or your application will be regarded as incomplete and will not be considered. Do NOT submit letters of recommendation directly to UCSF.

5. As applications are forwarded to the school by AADSAS, they are screened to determine if the minimum eligibility requirements have been met. The minimum eligibility requirements are:

a) Overall and science GPAs of at least 2.70 (California residents) or 3.0 (all others).

b) Minimum DAT scores of 17 in the Total Science and Academic Average sections.

Eligible applicants will be notified via e-mail with further instructions on how to submit the Supplemental Application.

Upon receipt of the Supplemental Application and a nonrefundable $80 application fee for US citizens and permanent residents ($100 for international students including Canadian citizens), you are considered an official UCSF dental school applicant, and your application will then enter our review process to determine if you will be invited for an interview.

The school strongly encourages applicants to submit their applications as early as possible so that they may complete and return the Supplemental Application as early as possible. No review of your application can be conducted until all materials have been received.

Please do not contact the school to inquire about the status of your application. Due to the large number of applications received, we are unable to respond to these inquiries. Applicants may check the status of their application on the AADSAS website.

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Although the School of Dentistry believes its primary responsibility is to educate California residents, nonresidents with superior credentials are encouraged to apply. Non-California residents must present college-level grade-point averages of at least 3.0, both overall, and in science, to be eligible for admission into the University of California. If they are from Western states with no dental schools, they should also apply for financial support from WICHE.

WICHE - Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

The School of Dentistry participates in the program provided by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) for dental students who reside in Western states where there are no dental schools in operation. Under this program, prospective dental students may apply to participating professional schools in other Western states. They also apply, through WICHE, for financial assistance from their own states. If they are accepted at a school that participates in WICHE and are found eligible for financial assistance from their own states, they will be charged resident fees rather than nonresident tuition and fees. Their home states pay a supplementary fee to help the professional school meet the cost of educational training.

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If you are interested in applying to the DDS/PhD program, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Have a minimum science GPA of 3.0.
  2. Have experience in a research lab or some exposure to research methods.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a laboratory scientist or principle investigator (Note: this counts as one of your letters of recommendation that must be submitted through AADSAS).

If you meet these requirements and wish to be considered for the DDS/PhD program you must:

  1. Answer "yes" to the question "Are you interested in applying to the DDS/PhD program?" in the supplemental application. (Note: you will not be able to access the supplemental application until after our office has received your AADSAS application and verified that you meet our minimum requirements to be considered for general admission).
  2. The application process for the DDS/PhD program opens June 1st and closes on October 15th.  This can be found at:

Additional information about this program is located at:


Applicants educated at institutions where English was not the official language of instruction must meet the regular requirements for admission to the University of California and to the dental school and prove, through the successful completion of at least one year of college work in the United States, that they can compete in the US educational system. The required courses in English Composition must be taken in the US.

Despite completion of these requirements as described, chances for acceptance by the School of Dentistry are slim. Foreign students who are not permanent residents of the United States should not apply unless they have superior qualifications and adequate funding for their professional educational and living expenses. It should be noted that UCSF financial aid is limited to United States citizens or permanent residents.

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Applicants are required to report their entire academic history as part of a complete application. Failure to report all college-level course work, for course work taken at a college or university outside the United States, or a Canadian institution where English was not the official language of instruction, may result in an application being canceled.

This does NOT apply to course work that was part of a formal Education Abroad Program (EAP) offered through an accredited US institution. EAP coursework should be listed in your AADSAS application as it is listed on the transcript of your home institution. You do NOT need to submit a foreign transcript for course work completed through an EAP program. If you have any questions about whether your course work is considered part of an EAP program, please contact the office of admissions at (415) 476-2737.

1. Request that official copies of all transcripts (detailed marks reports, etc.) and degree certificates if applicable be sent directly from the issuing institution to UCSF at the address listed below:

Office of Admissions
UCSF School of Dentistry
513 Parnassus Avenue S-630
San Francisco, CA 94143-0430
(415) 476-2737 (voice)
(415) 476-4226 (fax)

2. Order a course-by-course credential evaluation by either World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). This will require that an additional copy of your academic records be sent to WES or ECE. Only evaluations from WES or ECE are accepted.

3. If you wish to apply foreign coursework towards the prerequisites, you must also submit course syllabi and/or catalog descriptions to UCSF, as the information provided in transcripts does not provide enough information for us to determine if the course work will satisfy our prerequisites. This course information must be postmarked no later than October 15th or your application will be considered incomplete and will be subject to cancellation.

4. All international documents sent to UCSF must have a postmark deadline no later than October 15th or your application will be considered incomplete and will be canceled.

5. All WES or ECE evaluations must be completed no later than October 15th or your application will be considered incomplete and will be canceled.

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The Admissions Committee is composed of faculty members and students. It is responsible for reviewing all eligible applications and for recommending the admission of those who appear best able to complete the dental school's curriculum, and who will represent the diverse aspects of service to the community. The school welcomes applications from all economic, social, and cultural segments of society, and is committed to increasing the number of professionals from underrepresented minority groups, including women. The major factors given consideration by the Admissions Committee are academic background and ability as shown on transcripts of record and DAT scores, perceptual skill as determined by that portion of the DAT, motivation toward a dental career, and the potential for future success in dentistry indicated by past achievements and present commitments. Other major factors include desire to practice in a medically underserved community and how well applicants present themselves in an interview.

Overall and science grade-point averages as presented in the AADSAS application materials are carefully reviewed, as are academic trends. For this reason, the Admissions Committee prefers letter grades to passed–not passed grades, particularly in the sciences. Very few students are admitted with a grade-point average below 3.0.

DAT scores are compared with grades earned in corresponding coursework. Repeated test scores are compared with original scores and improvement is expected.

Committee action during the winter and spring can result in provisional admission, alternate pool status, or denial. Provisionally admitted applicants will have their official transcripts reviewed according to University regulations governing equivalencies and transferability of courses and credit. Final admission can be granted only if this later official university evaluation satisfies the Admissions Committee and all supplementary transcripts are on file.

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The School of Dentistry offers an education program for foreign trained dentists, International Dentist Program (IDP). For information about this program please click here.

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Application Fee

The University of California requires a non-refundable application fee of $80 for US citizens and Permanent Residents and $100 for international students, including Canadian citizens. A limited number of application fee waivers are available to socio-economically disadvantaged applicants. Information will be made available to applicants invited to submit the Supplemental Application.

Registration Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $1,000, which will be applied toward the applicant's registration fee, will be required upon notice of provisional admission. Applicants who do not pay the deposit within the period stipulated will have their offer of admission rescinded.

School of Dentistry Fees Per Quarter

Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration each quarter. Payment by check or money order should be made payable to The Regents of the University of California.

Registration Fee

All students pay the registration fee each quarter. This fee covers certain expenses of the Student Health Service and use of library books, lockers, laboratory facilities, etc.

Tuition Fee

The nonresident tuition fee is charged to all students whose legal residence is outside of California.

Educational Fee

All students pay this fee each quarter.

Please visit the UCSF Student Financial Services website for updated information on fees including the mandatory student kit fees.

Student kit fees include supplies, instruments, sterilization, instrument management, equipment and facilities use fees and repair and replacement costs. Students utilize and are issued school managed instruments and equipment. Some of the instruments and equipment will be owned by the students. Students pay a use fee for provided materials, instruments and equipment that are owned by the School. Fees include instrument sterilization, instrument procurement, distribution and management, equipment and facilities use fees, repair and replacement.

Note: All fees are subject to change.

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