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UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco Dental Public Health Joint Program

The UCSF School of Dentistry and UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health announce the launch of a joint program, starting July 2017, for dentists interested in dental public health.

This combined two-year program would require separate application by students seeking to enroll in a one-year full-time Interdisciplinary Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree program at UC Berkeley and a subsequent one-year full-time Dental Public Health (DPH) certificate program at UC San Francisco.

The DPH certificate program requires dentists to have an MPH; this combination of the MPH degree and DPH certificate would enhance both programs for dentists. Applicants must meet admission criteria for the MPH program to be eligible for the combined program. Tuition for each program, the UC Berkeley MPH and the UCSF DPH would be handled separately.

Both the one-year Interdisciplinary MPH and the DPH certificate programs require that students conduct original research.  Integration of the two programs would enable enrollees to leverage their MPH research to “jump-start” the two oral health-focused projects that are required of the DPH program, providing optimum time for completion at the end of the second-year DPH program.

UCSF faculty in the DPH program would provide co-mentoring and teaching at UC Berkeley to those enrolled in the joint program.

The application deadline for students seeking to enroll in the Berkeley program is April 1, 2017. Applications are handled via SOPHAS.

The application deadline for the UCSF program is April 1, 2017.

Information about this joint program will be available at

Information about the UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary MPH program can be found at

Information about the UCSF Dental Public Health program can be found at