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The Orthodontics Program (website: UCSF Orthodontics Program) is a full-time program, requiring 36 months in active residence beginning in July each year. The program is fully accredited and meets the educational requirements of the American Dental Association (ADA).  It is designed to prepare future leaders in the specialty of orthodontics, who are qualified for academic careers as well as for clinical practice.

The orthodontics program provides a balanced education with a strong emphasis in active clinical experience, didactics and research. The program combines a foundation in basic sciences with clinical and behavior training relevant to the delivery of orthodontic treatment. Postgraduate students participate in the prevention and correction of malocclusions and facial disproportions to achieve the best functional and esthetic results in growing children as well as in adults. Emphasis is placed on facial morphology and growth and on the function of the neuromuscular system. Instruction is presented through lectures, seminars, demonstrations and conferences and is supplemented and emphasized by clinical treatment of patients.  Our graduate students also receive strong didactic and clinical foundations in interdisciplinary treatments including prosthodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, craniofacial anomalies and temporomandibular joint disorders and orofacial pain.

A certificate in Orthodontics and an MS degree in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences are awarded upon satisfactory completion of the postgraduate program. This program also offers an Orthodontics certificate combined with a PhD degree in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences. This option is highly recommended for those applicants intending to pursue academic careers. All graduates are educationally eligible for examination by the American Board of Orthodontics and are required to take the written examination at the end of the program. For detailed information regarding the program, please access the program website here.

For questions regarding admissions and application procedures, please contact:

Daliah Williams, Admissions Coordinator
Office of Admissions
513 Parnassus Avenue, S-630
San Francisco, CA. 94143-0430
(415) 476-2737 Ext. #3 (voice)
(415) 476-4226 (fax)


PLEASE NOTE: If selected to the program the MS in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences has a separate application process.


Applicants must first submit an application to Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS) by the program's Aug. 15 deadline. They must include with their PASS application: Personal essay, curriculum vitae (CV), dental school transcript, undergraduate transcripts, 3 PASS evaluation forms (PEFs), 1 Dean's institution evaluation form (can completed by designee) and all required scores must be reported in the application.

Applicants must register with the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program, and obtain a match code number that must be submitted via the PASS application. The Matching Program is a centralized selection service that matches applicants to programs. To register and obtain a matching number, please visit their website.

Please submit the non-refundable application processing fee on the Online Payment portal (OPEN ON JUNE 1). (Domestic applicants $60.00; International applicants $80.00)

If you have international course work you will be required to submit the following directly to the SoD Office of Admissions (even if you submitted a copy to PASS) by Aug. 15:

  • Official transcript(s), detailed marks reports, etc, sent directly from the issuing institution from all college-level course work taken at a college or university outside of the United States, or a Canadian institution where English was not the official language of instruction. (Please note: Xerox or notarized copies are not acceptable.)
  • Official course-by-course evaluation from Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. or World Education Services for ALL international transcripts received outside of the US including Canadian schools where English was not the official language of instruction

Send to:

University of California, San Francisco
SoD- Office of Admissions
513 Parnassus Avenue, S-630
San Francisco, CA 94143-0430

Following review of completed applications, selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

The Division of Orthodontics accepts five students per year into the Postdoctoral Program in Orthodontics with concurrent admission into the Graduate MS or PhD Program in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences.  There is a separate application for the MS or PhD programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Only those applicants who meet all admissions qualifications and submit all required documentation within the deadline, including the UCSF application with fee, will be considered for a position.


Postgraduate students are expected to devote 100% of their professional activities to the program. Permission to carry out practice or other professional activities outside of the program can only be granted in exceptional circumstances by the Program Director.  For details in regards to the tuition for the program, please see the Financial Aid website.