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Dean's Associates


Dean’s Associates are individuals who have given $1,000 or more between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013


Donors of $100,000 or more

Reba C. Hyman
Glenn W. Jamieson '47
Sol Silverman, Jr. '54


Donors of $25,000–$99,999

Gayle L. and William C. Chan '76
Leslie H. and Troy E. Daniels '67
Herbert F. Gabriel '43
Alice and Ted M. Nakata '61


Donors of $10,000–$24,999

Peter P. Chiu
Caroline H. Damsky
Elaine A. and Mark A. Dellinges '81
Barbara and Frederick C. Finzen '78
Karen L. and Stuart Gansky
Newton C. Gordon
Chia-Hsin Lan and Ye-Ming Wu '94


Donors of $5,000–$9,999

Lin Lin Chen '99
DeAnna and Darrell S. Chun '91
John D. B. Featherstone
Caroline F. and Paul E. Giers '61
Barbara J. and Jay K. Huffaker '81
Yuri Kaneda '88 and David Fujikawa
Roderick L. McBride '82
Dorothy A. Perry
Lynne S. '64 and Jack G. Rosser '65
Scott Thompson '70
Juanita E. and Paul T. Ulrich


Donors of $2,500–$4,999

Antonia Ambus '95 and James Warren
Constance J. and Gary C. Armitage '66
Ellen and Dan D. Banh '92
Dianne B. and Arnold H. Gazarian '55
Kerry Mclver and Andy Hartzell
Christine M. Hayashi '93 and Arnold Wong
Pam B. and Timothy J. Herman '88
Debbie Jennings
Leroy G. Leal '40
Susie E. and Glenn W. Lee '63
Catherine and Ronald C. Lee '88
Thu X. Nguyen '95
Deb and Rafael A. Roges '83
Robyn and Christopher R. Sabourin '02
Melanie McCall and Daniel Sampson '98
Jeannie and Maj. Gen. Ted Wong '84
Yuka and John M. Yamamoto '92


Donors of $1,000–$2,499

Tamara K. Abbett '92
Albert G. Abena '86
Pamela S. '82 and Rodrick B. Alston
Behnam G. Amini '96
Carol K. Arima '84
Mark T. Arima '84
Charles M. Arita '88
Vidal S. Arroyo '74
Diane Barber
Nannette J. '77 and Jeff Benedict
Linda D. and Henry E. Bennett '69
Mary V. '81 and Raymond L. Bertolotti '78
Noelle C. '72 and Kenneth A. Bianchi '76
Teresa G. '01 and Daniel S. Biggerstaff
Doni L. Bird
Natalie V. and Raymond L. Braham
Kathleen and Dennis K. Buhler '70
Dyke W. Burson '74
Rupinder K. Buttar '08 and Manprit Buttar
Rhiza E. and Ted J. Camaisa '89
Lynn A. Carasali '64
Corinne L. and William B. Carroll '80
Frank Casanova '73
Linda S. Centore '11 and Jonathan D. Canick
Brian E. Chamberlain '94
Cynthia E. Huie and Michael Y. Chan '00
Elizabeth C. '62 and Michael W. Chapman '62
Jeanette S. '59 and Roy E. Christian '59
Sergio Correa '83
Irma Y. Covarrubias-Lugo '85 and Eduardo L. Lugo '83
Virginia H. and Douglas E. Cowden '65
Judy and Kenneth D. Crow '70
Shirley and Donald J. Dal Porto '59
Benjamin Dienstein '41
Elizabeth P. Doi '88
Gail H. '87 and Robert Duffala
Sheila L. and Warren S. Eakle
Josephine M. and Robert W. Erlach '86
Marcia S. and Theodore S. Falk '66
Teresa V. and Joseph Faria
Anezka and Richard A. Felton '77
Estate of Donell C. Fisher
Robert A. Forster '49
Deborah and Bruce J. Fremming '68
June L. and James H. Friedman '88
Peter J. Giannini '97
Douglas A. Gilio '75
Heather and Jeffery R. Graves '82
Eleanore L. and Burton J. Greenberg '58
Deborah and John S. Greenspan
Hibret Hailu Benjamin '02 and Jeffery Benjamin
Julia B. Hallisy '88
Lenore S. Hata '85
Cynthia L. and James T. Hayashi '82
Laura and Glen F. Hebert '90
Carmen Hipona '96 and Eduardo Castro '96
Gail T. and Ronald Hirose '79
Robert T. Huntley '87
Susan Hyde '92 and Ronald A. Saugar
Phyllis M. Ishida '79
Helen F. Jow '84
Jane H. '84 and Neil M. Katsura '84
Ruth Aramaki '83 and Neal Kawazoe '83
Mark D. Kirkland '83
Beverly A. Kodama '81 and William Galloway
Michael J. Koppe '83
Jacqueline W. and Carl A. Kuhn '68
Velma T. Leal
Carolyn Y. '78 and Gordon Q. Lee '79
Denise and Rodney S. Lee '83
Marty and Don R. Lenzi '63
Alice Tang and Sum Li '91
Doris T. Lin-Song '99 and Dennis Song '00
Susan J. '72 and Michael J. Lopez '74
Susan D. '73 and Scott A. Lucas
Helyn C. Luechauer '66
Chantal Vogel and Darrell D. Luperini '67
Monica and Denis P. Lynch '76
Laurie M. MacPhail
Janine Ma-Golding '90
Mary A. and George A. Malkemus '83
Claire O. '89 and Thomas J. Marcel '89
Yvette D. Marquis '97
Christine L. Martinez '99 and Matthew Harder
Susan B. and Steven B. Masters
Joann M. Pawletko-Mathews and Mark F. Mathews '78
Josefina Mendonca
Linda and Peter Milgrom '72
Julie S. '90 and William R. Miller '89
Marilyn and Robert B. Morrish, Jr. '71
Linda G. '71 and Robert J. Mostovoy '67
Janet '97 and Daniel F. Muff '94
Christopher M. Mule
Ann Marie and Mark Y. Muramoto '88
Alice K. Nakahata '57
Susan and Russell J. Newell, Jr. '63
Hoai H. Nguyen '91
Donald H. Oga '88
Geri Lynn G. '97 and Scott Okamoto
William A. Pena
Martha W. Castro-Perez '83 and Francisco Perez '84
Johvin Perry '98
James B. Proett '71
Mary L. and Efstratios G. Righellis '73
Delia M. and Roberto Roges '83
Christine M. Lombardo-Roholt and David H. Roholt '89
Christopher Ruetz
Mark I. Ryder
Betty Ann and Eugene M. Sakai '64
Jane V. and L. William Schmohl III '70
Caroline H. Shiboski-Philippo '91 and Stephen Shiboski
Emily J. and Frank J. Silvey '60
Gayle M. and Bruce J. Snyder '78
Michal Staninec '80
Linda J. and Jeffery A. Starr '89
Catherine and John A. Stevens '88
Valencia and Michael S. Stokes '86
Lynne and Jan C. Swanson '67
Mary and Kenneth K. Takeda '65
Patrick E. Taylor '77
Karin Vargervik
Ya-Ting and Dave Wang '97
Eileen and Wayne G. Watson '63
Robin D. '88 and Bruce D. Whitley
Viviane G. Winthrop '97
Christopher F. Wong '83
Robin and Dennis D. Wong '76
Amy and Jeffrey H. Wong '00
Roberta Y. and Timothy A. Wong '77
Kathryn and Thomas Yamamoto '84
Joyce L. and Peter T. Yang '02
Deirdre J. Yen '88 and Peter C. Chiu '88
Peggy F. and Peter K. Yu '83