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Educational Opportunity Scholarship (EOS)

Educational Opportunity Scholarship (EOS)

Lifetime Giving of $1,000 or more

Donors of $5,000 to $9,999

Norma and Manuel Garcia '73

Donors of $2,500 to $4,999

Susan J. '72 and Michael J. Lopez '74
Steven D. Ogaz '74

Donors of $1,000 to $2,499

Drenia J. and Michael B. Acosta '77
Cindy and Albert C. Almada '79
Vidal S. Arroyo '74
Brucette and Samir G. Ayoub '75
Elizabeth and Gilbert J. Barajas '86
Gordon J. Block '74
Frank Casanova '73
Robin and Steven F. Cavagnolo '73
Joanne O. and Aaron Escalante '86
Timothy M. Gallagher '74
Cecilia S. and Ernest L. Garcia, Jr. '84
Douglas A. Gilio '75
Rosemary L. and Richard L. Gomez '74
Suk-Hui and Gary Grablin '74
Karen and Ronald C. Jew '75
Mark D. Kirkland '83
Arturo J. Lomeli '87
Vivian F. Lopez '80
Yoshiko I. Wada and Hercules D. Morphopoulos '57
Vickie and Larry M. Odono '83
Aurora Y. and Jose A. Patino '76
Cynthia L. and Henry J. Ramirez '78
Delia M. and Roberto Roges '83
Roseyna and George Valdez '83
Barbara K. '76 and Robert O. Valdez '78
Sherry and William Valdez '77
Guy P. Yturralde '74
Peggy F. and Peter K. Yu '83

Summer Research Fellows Program

Each summer, a select number of the best and brightest UC San Francisco dental students participate in an organized program to conduct research on a topic of importance to dentistry. Working with leaders in science, this experience allows students to learn the methods, tools and language that, for many, will propel them into careers in academia. This has proven to be such a success that the School views this as one of the most important educational programs at UCSF and a powerful talent incubator for our profession. It is truly the start of the pipeline of future leaders of dentistry.

To learn more about supporting or establishing a scholarship at UCSF contact:

Lynnette Teti
Development Officer
220 Montgomery, 5009