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Donors of $100 - $999

Tamara K. Abbett '92
Dana L. '79 and Philip W. Adams '80
Leslie R. and Thomas J. Adams '77
Sirina '01 and Jaime T. Aguilar
Karen N. and G. Kenji Akahoshi '68
Judith K. and Byron D. Alder '82
Margaret and Marc Alexander '90
Albert V. Allen '52
Dawn A. and David S. Allen '64
Marilyn and Charles W. Almgren '62
Michael Alvarez '87
Antonia Ambus '95 and James Warren
Urmi K. Amin '98 and Manish G. Patel
Linda and William G. Anderson '76
Kathy and David Ang '80
Samuel J. Angulo '81
Jeanette S. and Kiyoto Arakawa '57
Dorothy E. and Daniel J. Araldi '97
Constance J. and Gary C. Armitage '66
Sydney E. '88 and Scott H. Ash
Margaret M. Ashe '92
Thelma and Frank H. Averett
Nancy N. Azizi '93
Mary L. and Michael E. Bachman '82
Anna Badger
Timothy G. Baker
Kristine E. Balcom-Reed '94 and Mark Reed
Helen M. Baldwin '56
Mary A. Marshall '87 and Michael O. Bambico '87
Ellen and Dan D. Banh '92
Linda S. Barconey '79
Gail E. Frick Barmby and Curtis L. Barmby '71
Arleen D. and William H. Barr '49
Alice C. and Peter R. Barrett '63
Elizabeth Bartelmez
Nancy Bartholomew
Page Bartholomew
Linda L. and Bruce K. Bartlett '82
Nora and Eric L. Batterton '95
Lynne Ryerson-Baumgartner and Ken Baumgartner '85
Coleen and Frank T. Beavers '81
Frances L. and Harry M. Beck
S. Leitner and Robin H. Berrin '83
Noelle C. '72 and Kenneth A. Bianchi '76
Merium and Robert G. Bleier '56
Rebecca A. Boardman '97
Joanna and Adriaan Boer '77
Julia M. Geier and Phillip W. Borges '69
Janice W. '58 and Thomas A. Boyce '57
Shawn and Mark L. Bradford '88
Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Braham
Cynthia K. Brattesani '89
MaryZane and Robert M. Brent '83
Marvis J. '63 and Howard D. Brodke '65
D. D. Brown and C. C. Brown
Deborah Lewis and Joseph K. Buchanan '86
Karen and Rodney J. Bughao '87
Hilda M. Nogueiro '86 and Kevin B. Burns '86
Vicki and Barry Burstein '70
Carol G. and Clark R. Burton '58
Duane B. Busch '43
William P. Butrica, Jr. '94 and Kevin Andrus
Peggy A. and C. Carlos Cabrera '52
Cynthia and Timothy C. Calvin '70
Claudette and Frank L. Camodeca '71
Alice P. '97 and Liang Cao
Daisy P. and James J. Carbone '76
Jeanine M. '75 and Wayne M. Cardelli
Sandra P. Carmeci '98
Joan Seet '81 and Francis L. Carrington '81
Corinne L. and William B. Carroll '80
Robin and Charles R. Carter '80
Laura Caryl
Harriet K. and Jack G. Caton, Jr. '67
Frank L. Ceja '93
Rhona L. and Gar N. Chan '80
Sharon and Victor L. Chaney '77
May M. Chang '84 and Jeff Lee
Eunice Chee
Ava J. Chen '99
Chifan Cheng '85
Jeanne C. Chin '61
Jolene M. and Paul G. Ching '90
Michelle H. and Benjamin B. Cho '85
Norman L. Choy '75
Liza Battlones and Eric R. Chu '01
Peter R. Chung '01
Joseph S. Chuy '00
Ladawn and Dennis W. Clark '77
Rebecca T. and H. Daniel Clark '97
Carole and Lawrence S. Clarke '71
Harvene C. and Leonard G. Clove '63
Mary I. and Henry L. Coleman
Mary Ellen and William J. Comport '69
Shirley M. and Walsh J. Conmy '68
Kay G. Conneely '92
Jeanette M. '89 and Charles L. Courtad
Pamela M. Covington
Catherine J. Cox '86
Michele D. and Ralph R. Crabtree '71
Bettie C. '92 and Mark A. Crane '92
Jean L. '99 and Charles C. Creasey '84
Nancy A. and Ralph B. Crenshaw '58
Judy and Kenneth D. Crow '70
Jane and Mark W. Dal Porto '86
La Verne Daniels '42
Jennifer R. and David R. Datwyler '98
Barbara J. and Joseph W. Davis '58
Victoria L. Day '84
Audrey and Joseph Y. de Jesus '94
Beatrice C. and Donald H. Devlin '49
Osleydis Diaz '08
Donald D. Dierkes '54
Khoi K. Doan '94
Allen E. Doby
Carla S. '77 and James M. Dodge
Carolyn J. Doherty '87
Chiyoko I. and Tom T. Doi '50
Patricia A. and Glen P. Doughty '51
M. A. Du Pree
Bennett L. Dubiner '63
Susan A. '84 and John E. Duling '86
Terry L. Eggleston '81
Elaine and Edward Epstein '67
Michael Erickson
David S. Estrada '80
Diane M. '88 and Kent J. Evans
Louis P. Evans '81
Zahra H. Faal '97
Traci R. Fernandes '97
Sue and Robert M. Fernandez '77
Lisa and Anthony R. Ferrer '86
Lori Fineman
Leslie D. Finta '90
Molly A. '66 and Dennis K. Fisher
Heather M. Rutherford '99 and Edward B. Fong '98
Marilyn L. and Thomas G. Forester '77
Joni A. Forge '85
Liz Forge
Toni Forge
Patricia A. and Robert Frates, Jr. '54
Joan and Melvin Freeman '54
Susan and Donald L. French '62
Quinder M. French '83 and Arthur Dokes
Timothy M. Gallagher '74
Carolyn J. and Stephen W. Garcelon '76
Joan G. and Allen J. Gardner '44
Henrietta S. and Victor I. Garfinkle '42
James J. Garrett '56
Frances and Jack D. Gaynor '55
Karen and Michael Gemmill
Billee L. and George P. Gerrodette '51
S. Thomas Giannetto '53
Caroline F. and Paul E. Giers '61
Levora and Antonio L. Giles
Douglas A. Gilio '75
Barbara B. and Joel N. Gillespie '48
Deborah N. and Stephen W. Glazier '81
Rosemaire Gogarty
Laura K. and Kenneth L. Gong '94
Sebastian A. Gonzales '82
Antonio R. Gonzalez '75
Lori C. Good '85 and Martin H. Thurston '83
Phoebe M. Good '07
Marcia F. Starr-Gordon and David M. Gordon '83
Elise H. and Edwin C. Gordon '53
Zelda G. and Joseph B. Green '56
William A. Grippo '74
Margaret S. and Robert R. Grosse '65
Zoe and Wayne M. Grossman '75
Joseph A. Gryson '64
Shawn P. Guerin '00
Donald W. Guttman '68
Nahid Hadameh '97
Leslie J. and Dennis A. Hall '72
Pauline J. and Walker D. Halliday '59
Bette R. Hamachi
Diane and Robert R. Hampton III '69
Eric V. Haney '06
Alice M. '92 and Kirk M. Hanson '83
Jaspreet K. '07 and Harpal S. Harika
Hilda and Sam Hariz '88
Susan A. and Larry L. Harman '75
Jean A. '54 and Francis J. Harrison
Grace B. and Peter A. Hartdegen
Scott M. Hashimoto '88
Beverlee and Victor L. Hawkins '63
Joanne S. '73 and Arthur K. Hayashi '72
Linda M. and Timothy S. Hayes
Dana L. and Richard J. Healy '82
Deborah L. and Gregory J. Heise '79
Tana L. '89 and Thomas M. Henderson
Anne and Richard W. Henifin '78
Pam B. and Timothy J. Herman '88
Hollace A. '71 and Donald R. Hermansen '73
Dallas H. Hickle '80
Shawna and Lee Hilton '79
Krystal and Paul Himmler '87
Gail T. and Ronald Hirose '79
Jean P. '74 and James W. Hodge
Ercell H. Hoffman
Charlotte and Michael L. Holland '79
LaVonne D. '56 and C. Richard Holmes
Mei-Mei D. and Dexter W. Hong '68
Frederick H. Hong '45
Irving L. Horowitz '75
Wayne V. Hotzakorgian '76
Stephanie and Les Y. Hsu '81
Yuhui Hu '08
Doug Hudson '70
Barbara J. and Jay K. Huffaker '81
Lannette R. Huffman '97
Robert T. Huntley '87
Funda and Michael L. Hutchings '80
Joseph B. Huwyler '69
Robert H. Iezman '83
Adrienne R. Iwanaga '61
Kazue K. and Melvin M. Iwatsubo
Hatsune and Katsumi Izumi '54
Denise M. Jabusch '85
Veronica and Darrell P. Jackson
Helene L. and Stephen N. Jaffe '64
Diane F. '73 and Mark P. Jankowski '73
Kirsten A. Jarvi '95
Stephanie A. Jee '85
Marcia L. and Richard R. Johns '69
Margaret and Don C. Johnson '61
Elizabeth A. and James B. Johnson '76
Marilyn L. Johnson-De Anda '80 and Michael R. DeAnda '81
Mini Joseph '08
Petr Kadera '08
Leslie Brey and Randall Y. Kam '85
Marie Y. Kao-Hsieh '98 and Matthew M. Hsieh
Yoneko and Lindbergh S. Kawahara '55
Steven S. Kawashima '88
Catherine B. and Bobby C. Kennedy '86
Kristin L. and Richard E. King
Louise M. and Eugene H. Kinoshita '67
Mark D. Kirkland '83
Marilyn G. and Daniel L. Kittleson '79
Sally and Albert F. Knorp, Jr.
Marie E. and Markell W. Kohn '63
Michael J. Koppe '83
Cathy D. and Robert S. Koshiyama '81
Davern and Mark S. Kroncke '79
Kathleen Kujiraoka '85
Jane R. Rubin-Kurtzman and Calman Kurtzman '57
Lorraine H. Laakso '39
Peter P. Lai '06
Winnie Y. Lam '01
Judith V. '81 and David R. Lane
Yvonne and Richard C. Lane '83
Sharen N. Langewisch
Teresa S. Lau '06
Elizabeth A. Doyle and Ernie S. Lavorini '73
Roberta '65 and Harry H. Lawrence '67
Darlene B. and J. D. Lawson '73
Sylvia and Robert M. Laxineta '58
Thuan Q. Le '02
Anne R. Lee '03
Carolyn M. and Callin Lee '87
Tonya J. '61 and D. Lee
Jennie O. and Frank T. Lee '56
Pauline and Gary E. Lee '64
Catherine and Ronald C. Lee '88
Constance H. and Victor T. Lee '74
Ann P. '58 and Robbin G. Leigh
Janet E. '79 and Corrie C. Leisen '82
Carolyn and Kenneth G. Lemings '58
Philip R. Letts '95
Carol and Martin Levin
Thomas D. Lewis '51
Melissa and Filipe S. Lima '05
Karen W. Lin '01 and Lloyd S. Suzuki '01
Dan Linder '90
Donna D. Lombardi '83
Evelyn J. '59 and Edward Loo
Michael J. Lopez II '05
Maria C. Lopez-Shams '89 and Habib Shams
Jessie Louis and Davis Y. Louie '84
Jean and Franklin L. Louie '63
Helen H. and Howard B. Low '80
Mari-Anne L. Low '94 and Richard R. Gallagher '94
Madeline and Lawrence C. Lowe '67
Ingrid A. '87 and Reed T. Lubbers
Marsha and Walter K. Lucio '94
Thomas N. Ludlow '00
Helyn C. Luechauer '66
Barbara R. and Larry S. Luke '65
Donald J. Lundgren '68
Dennis C. Lundin '81
Wenge Ma '06 and Jiangkai Chen
C. and Alan L. MacDonald '68
Tanya K. Machnick '99 and Louis Stromberg
Ernest A. Maggioncalda '73
Bernadette M. Mahan '82 and Neal W. White
Mojgan Maher '93 and Hossein Jadvar
Karin J. '61 and Donald F. Mai
Jeane Makar
Carin and Guy R. Mancuso '81
Robert T. Marks '67
Renee and Albert E. Martin, Jr. '75
Christine L. Martinez '99 and Matthew Harder
Linda W. and Herman W. Mast
Charlene S. '61 and Robert B. Matthews
Esther and G. Mawson
Farhad Mazi '01
Cheryl and Glenn W. McCormick '71
Rebecca T. and Joseph M. McIntyre '82
Julie and Barney T. McKee '77
Rosemary and John W. Merchant, Jr. '60
Bassam E. Michiel '07
Frank Miles
Joyce A. and Jack O. Mills '66
Wendy Amundsen and Eric Mitchel
Stewart W. Mitchell '52
Cyndee R. and Paul R. Moon '75
Maxine D. and James I. Moore '65
Betty S. and Miles E. Morgan '53
Elizabeth S. Broadhead and Jeffrey M. Mulford '03
Jeanne R. Murray '49
John A. Myers '65
May Nagatoishi
Harry T. Nakamura
Susan H. and Morris K. Nakamura '65
Sally S. and Samuro Nakamura
Peggy M. and Arnold H. Nakazato '01
Valerie A. and Larry Napolitano '84
Lloyd P. Nattkemper '83
Richard A. Navarro
Hilary L. Nelson '52
Robert D. Nelson '58
Mary I. and Robert B. Neumayr '60
Bruce Newman '78 and Alice Newman
Susan Tran '95 and Kenneth K. Ng '95
Don T. Nguyen '77
Michael N. Nguyen '99
Lori and Gene Nishimatsu
Anna C. and Carlos J. Nogueiro '86
Anna C. and Harry T. Nomura '53
Kathy Noordeh '87 and Amir Noordeh
Trudy and John A. Noren '70
Naoko and George J. Ochikubo '61
Karen Bott-O'Dea and Kevin M. O'Dea '91
Susan and Thomas T. Ogawa '79
Hideki K. Oka '84
Debra E. '83 and Irvine D. Oliver '78
Joyce W. and Heber R. Olson '61
Richard F. One '81
Sylvia and Peter F. Oppenheim '52
Teruye H. '66 and Thomas T. Oshidari
Stephen C. Ott '67
Jackie and Gerald G. Pacheco '65
Adelene J. '67 and Michael R. Panzer '68
Pam and James M. Pappenfus '72
Mary T. '78 and Alan L. Parlee
Winnie and Rym C. Partridge '73
John D. Pearson, Jr. '67
Ann L. '61 and William A. Peel '60
Martha W. Castro-Perez '83 and Francisco Perez '84
Kimberly J. and Curtis J. Perry '83
Carla D. '85 and Jack A. Pickett
Bryan E. Pierce '95
Luann C. Plummer '91
Sarita and Terrence S. Poole '84
Karen v. '68 and Trent R. Pridemore '67
William M. Putnam '88
Barbara and Wayne Quan '68
David Ramirez '93
John Rapa
Billie and George T. Raust, Jr. '55
William L. Reed
Leona J. and Leonard H. Remedios '66
Nancy M. and John O. Riebe '62
Janice A. and Donald A. Ritzman '71
William L. Robison '83
Christine M. Lombardo-Roholt and David H. Roholt '89
Maria and Ture D. Roslund '81
Lynne S. '64 and Jack G. Rosser '65
Biana Roykh '06 and Terry Im '08
Kenneth L. Russell '60
Masami and Jimmy M. Saiku '85
Martha E. and James D. Salazar '99
Gail L. and Roger F. Samuel '66
Julie and Philip J. Sanchez '82
Shahram Sayedna '00
Linda M. Scanlon
Eugene P. Schacht '69
Karen Schacht
Judith D. and Lary J. Schiller '70
Jeannine D. and Richard Sebastian '69
Patrick E. Shannahan '74
Lisa and William J. Shea '78
Judith L. and Jack E. Sherman '73
Lily M. '60 and Maremaro Shibuya
Fusako and Hideki Shimada '55
Emily and Thomas H. Shirley '76
Allen B. Short '59
Carol and James R. Silverman '61
Chelsia Sim '09
Noel S. Sint '08
Shari M. and Darce A. Slate '02
Irmgard and Cameron M. Smith '73
Cecil B. Smith '87
Leslie E. Smith '43
Nora and Gerald E. Soo Hoo '83
Catherine and Dale A. Soria '76
Courtland Stacpoole '80
Michal Staninec '80
Linda J. and Jeffery A. Starr '89
Beth A. '84 and Jeffrey H. Stein
Bridget Mullen and Michael Stern '96
Catherine and John A. Stevens '88
Rebecca T. and J. Ben Stolpa '70
Olga C. and Gordon H. Story '53
Anne T. '91 and Michael C. Stricker '85
Paula C. and Leslie C. Sugimoto '79
Patricia and C. John Sullivan '63
Lynne and Jan C. Swanson '67
Stanley M. Swanson
Deborah and John C. Swearingen '79
Robyn E. and William H. Swearingen '75
Patrick T. Sweeney '75
Peter J. Tafoya '73
Carolyn L. Koster and Edward J. Taggart, Jr. '75
Roya Naderi '96 and Shawn Taheri '96
Junko and Tom T. Takahashi '42
Linda H. '71 and Russell B. Takei '73
Janice and Sam I. Takemoto '64
Marlene L. '58 and Jack M. Taylor
Kathleen A. and Marshall J. Taylor '68
Stephen A. Taylor '73
Laura and Gary R. Templeman '80
Sandra and Hubert V. Templin '62
Harry W. Tepper '43
Sandy Thai Shih '06 and Paul Shih
Kjung S. and Vicheth Thay '99
Sharine V. Thenard '03 and Zack Bazarnick
Karen B. '70 and D. Bradley Thomas
Susan Walczak '02 and Michael C. Thomas '73
Mary J. Thompson
Scott Thompson '70
Elena S. '73 and Douglas B. Tinloy '78
Anudeepak Tiwana '07
Olga D. Tran '92
Phong Tran '98
Elly D. Triplett '93
Cindy A. and Kenneth W. True '84
Leslie A. and John C. Trueb '82
Don L. Truex '65
Phuongtu T. Truong '94
Sylvia C. Tso '93
Jan K. and Bruce Unoura
Kazuo Utsunomiya
Kim Y. and Kevin C. Uyesugi '83
Roseyna and George Valdez '83
Mai T. Vo '88
Anh V. and Oliver B. Vu '97
Rose M. and William M. Wagner '56
Gary L. Walker '70
Sarah J. and William W. Walker '64
Austin A. Wall '77
Ellen and Charles K. Wear '69
Pamela and H. Guy Weichert III '79
Mae S. and James H. Wellman '52
Suzanne and Charles T. Wells '45
David R. Wells
Margaret M. and Dana L. Wemple '55
Juliana N. and Michael F. Whelan '95
Constance D. '85 and Michael G. Whisler '84
Martha A. '75 and Thomas C. White
Robin D. '88 and Bruce D. Whitley
Ronald A. Wihlidal '74
Margaret S. and Gregory D. Wilcox '72
Robert Williams
Viviane G. Winthrop '97
Dennis K. Wong '79
Helen Wong
Lowry Y. Wong '90
Kimberly A. and Donald C. Worley '83
Sharalee S. '59 and Thomas W. Wrigley '58
Catherine E. '89 and Thomas F. Wuesthoff '89
Chihdao C. and Guei-Mei C. Wung '86
Carole and Jim S. Yamaguchi '63
Grace K. and F. J. Yamakawa '56
Yuka and John M. Yamamoto '92
Helen H. Yamate '61
Irene Y. and Yasuo Yatsushiro
Nancy and H. Wesley Yee '78
Elsie S. and Patrick K. Yee '85
Calvin E. Yim '82
Norman W. Yim '84
Robert S. Yoneda '75
Suzanne and Quen W. Young '62
Susan A. and William K. Young '57
Lauri and Brian Zwahlen '00