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Heritage Circle - 2011/2012

The Heritage Circle honors individuals who support the UCSF School of Dentistry by means of deferred gifts such as bequests or life income plans. Membership in the Heritage Circle is elective.

Cynthia K. Brattesani ’89
Duane B. Busch ’43
Nancy K. and Gordon D. Douglass ’63
Beverly A. Kodama ’81 and William Galloway
Jacqueline W. and Carl A. Kuhn ’68
Albert O.J. Landucci ‘68
Jane and Robert J. LeRibeus ’60
Helyn C. Luechauer ’66
Monica and Denis P. Lynch ’76
Russell J. Newell Jr. ’63
Karen and Trent R. Pridemore ’67
Mary Ellen and Gregory L. Psaltis ’75
Gloria Sokol Rosen
Bunny Sisson
Annie Chin ’54 and Tim Keen Siu
Eva L. Sulon ’53
Don L. Truex ’65
Juanita and Paul T. Ulrich
Nicola Zwaschka ’68