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Leadership Giving

Life Members – Donors of $100,000 or more total lifetime giving

Anonymous (5)
Estate of Gladys Barber
Gino Battagin ’43
Mary W. Battagin ’44*
Donna M. and Leo H. Boger ’65
Josephine Bovill-Erpf
Anita Castaneda
George Castaneda ’73*
Gayle L. and William C. Chan ’76
Caroline H. Damsky
Leslie H. and Troy E. Daniels ’67
Marie Erpf*
Stanley F. Erpf ’34*
Bert M. Felton ’37*
Estate of Donell C. Fisher
Mary L. and Robert A. Forster ’49
Estate of Shirley C. Freund
Estate of Howard Friedman
Herbert F. Gabriel ’43
Zena and Max L. Gatov ’41*
Dianne B. and Arnold H. Gazarian ’55
Winfred L. Golden ’19*
Deborah and John S. Greenspan
April A. and Paul Hall ’82
Walter C. Harrison ’28*
Susan Desmond-Hellmann and
Nicholas S. Hellmann
Kenneth A. Hunter Sr.*
Reba C. Hyman*
Mayon and Benjamin Ichinose ’57
Norman O. Jenssen ’35*
Sara and James A. Jungroth
Benedict S. Kern ’27*
Santosh V. Khosla
Ved M. Khosla*`
Kelly and Lester Kwok
J. S. Lee*
Helyn C. Luechauer ’66
Jarvis H. Luechauer*
Estate of Grace Macouillard
Estate of Bernice Maxwell
Gertrude M. Millberry*
Nguyen T. Nguyen ’55*
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Estate of Nina Pera
Perry A. Ratcliff*
Estate of R. Earl Robinson
Peter Sargent
Joseph A. Sciutto ’28*
Betty W. Silverman*
Blanche N. Silverman*
Sol Silverman Jr. ’54
Pamela and James Starr ’59
Douglas A. Tilden
Juanita E. and Paul T. Ulrich
William H. Ware ’54*
Estate of Donald Warto
Ruth and Ronald T. Wong ’45*

* Denotes Deceased

Dean’s Associates – The Dean’s Associates are individuals who have given $1,000 or more between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012

Donors of $100,000 or more

Herbert F. Gabriel ’43
Estate of Bernice Maxwell
Pamela and James Starr ’59

Donors of $25,000–$99,999

April A. and Paul Hall ’82
Sara and James A. Jungroth
Sol Silverman Jr. ’54
Douglas A. Tilden
Susan A. MacGrath and Martin Zabaleta

Donors of $10,000–$24,999

Pamela S. ’82 and Rodrick B. Alston
Alan W. Budenz ’82
Gayle L. and William C. Chan ’76
Elizabeth C. ’62 and
Michael W. Chapman ’62
John D. B. Featherstone
Caroline F. and Paul E. Giers ’61
Debbie Jennings
Jacqueline W. and Carl A. Kuhn ’68
Rosalie J. and Ronald J. Nicholson ’56
Mary E. and Gregory L. Psaltis ’75
Lynne S. ’64 and Jack G. Rosser ’65
Joy Y. Wang ’99 and Calvin Tsay
Chia-Hsin Lan and Ye-Ming Wu ’94

Donors of $5,000–$9,999

Josephine Bovill-Erpf
Gary W. Chow ’91
Tina M. and David T. Constant ’86
Norma and Manuel Garcia ’73
Deborah and John S. Greenspan
Linda and Peter Milgrom ’72
Dorothy A. Perry
Mary L. ’75 and Leland F. Porteous
Tim K. and Annie Chin Siu ’54
William Tom ’84
Juanita E. and Paul T. Ulrich
Nazly M. ’03 and Trent H. Westernoff ’01


Mary K. Berg ’91
Yasmi Crystal
Caroline H. Damsky
Mary L. and Robert A. Forster ’49
Dianne B. and Arnold H. Gazarian ’55
Newton C. Gordon
Peter B. Sargent
Gayle M. and Bruce J. Snyder ’78
Neal P. Swann ’77
Jennifer L. Watters ’91


Tamara K. Abbett ’92
Cindy and Albert C. Almada ’79
Antonia Ambus ’95 and James Warren
Mark T. Arima ’84
Vidal S. Arroyo ’74
Timothy G. Baker
Elizabeth and Gilbert J. Barajas ’86
Nannette J. ’77 and Jeff Benedict
Hibret Hailu ’02 and Jeffery Benjamin
Teresa G. ’01 and Daniel S. Biggerstaff
Gordon J. Block ’74
Cynthia K. Brattesani ’89
Laurie and John W. Bruns ’75
Dyke W. Burson ’74
Kelli B. and Lucius N. Butler IV ’92
Rhiza E. and Ted J. Camaisa’89
Shannon and Michael D. Carley ’05
Carmen Hipona ’96 and Eduardo Castro ’96
Robin and Steven F. Cavagnolo ’73
Cynthia E. Huie and Michael Y. Chan ’00
Elaine V. Wong ’76 and Lawrence W. Chu ’75
Jason M. Cohen ’04
Susan and Paul Copperman
Virginia H. and Douglas E. Cowden ’65
Bettie C. ’92 and Mark A. Crane ’92
Shirley and Donald J. Dal Porto ’59
Elizabeth P. Doi ’88
Josephine M. and Robert W. Erlach ’86
Marcia S. and Theodore S. Falk ’66
Anezka and Richard A. Felton ’77
Traci R. Fernandes ’97
Karen L. and Stuart Gansky
Cecilia S. and Ernest L. Garcia Jr. ’84
Kevin J. Garvin ’91
Yvonne Goff ’89
La Juan M. Hall ’94 and Michael Schneider
Christine M. Hayashi ’93 and Arnold Wong
Laura and Glen F. Hebert ’90
Lynn A. and Lee F. Hollister ’67
Barbara J. and Jay K. Huffaker ’81
Laura J. Burnett and Ali Iranmanesh ’01
Phyllis M. Ishida ’79
Helen F. Jow ’84
Yuri Kaneda ’88 and David Fujikawa
Mark D. Kirkland ’83
Beverly A. Kodama ’81 and William Galloway
Angeline-Diep N. Lam ’88
Velma T. and Leroy G. Leal ’40
Susie E. and Glenn W. Lee ’63
Carolyn Y. ’78 and Gordon Q. Lee ’79
Denise and Rodney S. Lee ’83
Carmen Y. Lee-Ware
Gayla A. Leung ’82 and Dennis W. Fong
Alice Tang and Sum Li ’91
Susan L. ’35 and Forrest S. Lindsay
Doris T. Lin-Song ’99 and Dennis Song ’00
Arturo J. Lomeli ’87
Susan J. ’72 and Michael J. Lopez ’74
Sherry S. ’85 and Kenneth B. Louie ’86
Susan D. ’73 and Scott A. Lucas
Helyn C. Luechauer ’66
Chantal Vogel and Darrell D. Luperini ’67
Monica and Denis P. Lynch ’76
Laurie M. MacPhail
Holley G. Malchow ’99
Claire O. ’89 and Thomas J. Marcel ’89
Wanda A. and Dax F. Martin ’00
Joann M. Pawletko-Mathews and
Mark F. Mathews ’78
Beth and Stephen J. McAuliff ’72
Roderick L. McBride ’82
Yoshiko I. Wada and
Hercules D. Morphopoulos ’57
Susan and Russell J. Newell Jr. ’63
Kathy ’87 and Amir Noordeh
Lisa M. Yamauchi ’83 and
Michael R. O’Brien ’82
Vickie and Larry M. Odono ’83
Steven D. Ogaz ’74
Geri Lynn G. ’97 and Scott Okamoto
Gayle Saldinger and Edward H. O’Neil
James B. Proett ’71
Lan H. Quan ’98
Cynthia L. and Henry J. Ramirez ’78
Delia M. and Roberto Roges ’83
Christopher Ruetz
Albert G. Ruezga ’01
Mark I. Ryder
Betty Ann and Eugene M. Sakai ’64
Julie and Philip J. Sanchez ’82
Eva A. and Roy A. Shellow ’67
Emily J. and Frank J. Silvey ’60
Michal Staninec ’80
Mary and Kenneth K. Takeda ’65
Gloria D. and George W. Taylor
Patrick E. Taylor ’77
Patricia K. and Kevin W. Thomas
Scott Thompson ’70
Barbara K. ’76 and Robert O. Valdez ’78
Roseyna and George Valdez ’83
Karin Vargervik
Ya-Ting and Dave Wang ’97
Joy Wang
Robin and Dennis D. Wong ’76
Dennis K. Wong ’79
Amy and Jeffrey H. Wong ’00
Jeannie and M. Ted Wong ’84
Joyce L. and Peter T. Yang ’02
Peggy F. and Peter K. Yu ’83