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Oral & Craniofacial Sciences Graduate Program

The Oral and Craniofacial Sciences Graduate program is an interdisciplinary graduate program, that seeks to educate students with the research tools and approaches to study function and disease related to oral and craniofacial tissue and organ systems in development, physiology, molecular biology and disease prevention. The OCS program emphasizes the importance of translating scientific discovery to advances in patient treatment and clinical care. The mission of the OCS graduate program is to develop individuals who will be world leaders in scientific discovery and its translation into health benefits for patients and society. Recognizing that significant scientific discovery occurs at the crossroads of different disciplines, students acquire an outstanding level of competence in cell and molecular biology that is incorporated with the study of key developmental, molecular, materials sciences and clinical questions related to oral and craniofacial sciences. OCS students embrace this challenge and the result is a new generation of inter-disciplinary biomedical scientists who are able to forge collaborations that break down traditional research boundaries. Core activities and resources such as the seminar series, journal club, a student resource room, and social functions facilitate student-faculty interactions, and serve as a hub for the intellectual life of the graduate education program and of the entire School.