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Alexis Lainoff

Alexis Lainoff
Entered Program: 2013
Thesis Advisor: Ralph Marcucio, PhD
Student Bio: 
Alexis Lainoff is a PhD candidate in Dr. Ralph Marcucio's lab and was recently awarded an F31 grant. Her dissertation research focuses on understanding what causes the broad phenotypic spectrum characterizing the craniofacial disease holoprosencephaly--specifically how small changes in Sonic hedgehog signaling may be involved. Born in Seattle, WA, Alexis obtained an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. She completed a project comparing how odontogenesis is initiated in different amniotes in the laboratory of Dr. Leslea Hlusko (UC Berkeley) before transitioning to UCSF. In her free time, she reads history books, plans movie nights, and hula hoops.