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Kevin Rivera

Kevin Rivera
Entered Program: 2016
Thesis Advisor: Tejal Desai, PhD
Student Bio: 
Kevin was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. A first-generation college student, Kevin attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a BS in Biology. During undergrad he joined a team that fabricated biodegradable electrospun scaffolds that were designed to recapitulate native extracellular matrix. This was a collaborative effort between labs focused on molecular immunology and polymer science. After graduating, Kevin moved to New York City and was appointed Jr. Research Scientist at NYU’s College of Dentistry. Kevin was involved with various projects including preclinical testing of a photo-thermal radiometric device used to detect caries and testing dental composites with potential antimicrobial properties. He then helped to develop an immunoassay based microfluidic device used for the early detection of cardiac diseases. Now at UCSF, Kevin’s research interests are in developing biomaterials and stem-cell therapies with the aim of engineering craniofacial tissues. He recognizes translational research in this field to be clinically relevant both within and outside of dentistry. To that end, he is very excited about being in the OCS program. Having arrived from the East Coast, Kevin is also excited about living in San Francisco. Still, his hobbies remain the same: running, watching basketball, and going to music shows and theaters.