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Sarah Wong

Sarah Wong
Entered Program: 2014
Thesis Advisor: Ralph Marcucio, PhD
Student Bio: 
Sarah Anne Wong hales from sunny Modesto, California. A kinesthetic learner with a fascination for science, she soon discovered that the laboratory setting was her natural home. Her passion for molecular research was ignited by an internship in the lab of Dr. Ben Barres, at the Stanford Neuroscience Institute, where she studied axon regeneration failure. She continued to pursue neuroscience research as a Biological Sciences major at the University of the Pacific, where she joined the lab of Dr. Katerina Venderova, studying genetic interactions associated with Parkinson’s disease. Now at UCSF, Sarah is completing her Ph.D. in the Laboratory for Skeletal Regeneration under the mentorship of Drs. Ralph Marcucio and Chelsea Bahney. Her thesis work seeks to determine the role of canonical Wnt signaling in the regulation of endochondral fracture repair and to test potential Wnt-based therapeutics for recalcitrant fractures. Sarah’s research proposal based on this work was awarded an F30 Fellowship by the NIDCR in Spring 2016. When Sarah is not in lab, you will find her hiking with friends in Yosemite National Park, indulging her love for classical music at the SF Symphony, or sharing a meal with her church community group.