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Sean Ganther

Sean Ganther
Entered Program: 2016
Thesis Advisor: Yvonne Kapila, DDS, PhD
Student Bio: 
Born and raised in LA County, Sean Ganther moved to the Inland Empire in 2003. Before entering into the sciences, he focused on music, specifically percussive performance arts, attending Riverside City College (RCC) after graduating high school. He was provided with the opportunity to tour the U.S. with drum corps international, played in Pulse Percussion Ensemble, RCC winter drum line and attained his AA in music. With heavy influences in dentistry throughout his childhood and copious amounts of time spent shadowing in dental offices, Sean shifted his academic trajectory towards the sciences. He noticed that the alternative options for replacing extracted or damaged teeth are rather limited. Sean's intent is to better understand the influence of epigenetics on the development of dental pulp progenitor stem cells. Ultimately, he wants to add another alternative for replacing extracted teeth by reprogramming and seeding the patients’ tissue into a scaffold that would eventually lead to the regeneration of each anatomical tooth type. Sean continues to support his fraternity, inspires to be a fitness model and has quite the fascination for Marvel comics. Sean is the first in his family to obtain a Ph.D and professional degree in healthcare and says that he is looking forward to this new chapter at UCSF.