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Shaun Abrams

Shaun Abrams
Entered Program: 2012
Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Reiter, PhD
Student Bio: 
Shaun hails from Brooklyn, NY and graduated valedictorian from the City University of New York (CUNY) Medgar Evers College in 2006 where he majored in Biology. Prior to joining the DDS/PhD program he worked in the lab of Dr. Matthew Hoffman at NIDCR studying salivary gland stem cells for developing regenerative therapeutic strategies. Shaun completed his PhD work in the lab of Dr. Jeremy Reiter where he uncovered how primary cilia regulate midfacial development. He is broadly interested in the genetic basis for craniofacial malformations and how intercellular communication coordinates facial development. Shaun is currently supported through an individual F30 fellowship. When he’s not in lab or class Shaun can be found singing with SF choral groups, taking Afro-Brazilian dance classes, and finding new hiking trails in the Bay area.