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Arthur J. Miller Ph.D.

Interaction of the Neuromuscular System and the Craniofacial Region Using Three-Dimensional Imaging and Conebeam CT

Arthur J. Miller Ph.D.
  • Tel: (415) 476 8397

Our orthodontic program works in collaboration with several programs including a long-term interaction with Dr. Koutaro Maki who Chairs the Showa University Department of Orthodontics in Japan.  The Division of Orthodontics at UCSF has developed a three-dimensional volumetric imaging library since 2001 based on these collaborations and has recently acquired the third generation CBCT system to continue these studies of the human craniofacial region.  We have developed a variety of joint projects that incorporate our orthodontic residents.   The cone beam CT system at UCSF has now become the standard for clinical care in our Division of Orthodontics, and is rapidly becoming a standard for other advanced postgraduate programs at UCSF.  Two of our orthodontic residents, whom I co-mentored, Dr. Chad Sears, and Dr. Eric Haney, won the Thomas M. Graber Research Award for Special Merit in 2007 from the American Association of Orthodontists.  We are in the forefront of developing how CBCT can be used, and how craniofacial development can be followed with highly accurate and three-dimensional volumes that render the skeleton, the airway, and facial profile.    We are working with several of our faculty to incorporate CBCT in the dental curriculum.   Cone beam CT will become the standard for radiographic and 3-D analysis in dentistry in the next generation of dentists, and UCSF dental students and postgraduate students will be on the forefront.

Selected publications:

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