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John D. B. Featherstone M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dental Enamel and Dentin

John D. B. Featherstone M.Sc., Ph.D.

The Featherstone lab is currently involved in research in the following fields:

1.Effects of Lasers on Dental Hard Tissues
The overall objective of this research is to provide fundamental information about the effects of laser light on dental hard tissues (enamel and dentin of the teeth) in order to develop means of using lasers to a) detect early decay, b) treat teeth and modify the mineral for the prevention of the progression of dental decay.

2.Management of Dental Decay by Risk Assessment
These studies involve the application of microbiological and chemical assays of saliva as part of a risk assessment scheme to enable the management of dental decay by prevention and conservative treatment rather than conventional physical removal of decay and placement of restorations (fillings).

3.Biological mineral and protein interactions
Biological mineral is a defective calcium phosphate crystalline material. Studies of protein/mineral interactions are in progress to understand the processes of biomineralization.

NRSA trainees can participate in scientific and laboratory aspects ofany of the above areas, dependent on their background and interests.