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Stuart Gansky DrPH

Oral health research, health disparities research, applied statistical analyses and related method­ological issues

Stuart Gansky DrPH

Stuart Gansky's research has concentrated on collaborative oral health research areas and its related methodological issues. Collaborative research projects have included a series of studies examining dentin, bonding, and tissue engineering; the Intergenerational Study of Adult Periodontitis (MultiPied); the Study of Chronic Pain/Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs) in Young Women; caries risk assessment studies (one on early childhood caries and one on high risk adults); and tobacco cessation interventions.

He currently serves as Associate Director of the Biostatistics and Research Design Core of UCSF's Comprehensive Oral Health Research Center of Discovery as well as Director of the Measurement & Evaluation Core of UCSF's Center to Address Disparities in Children's Oral Health. He is PI of an NIDCR grant to develop risk assessment models for early childhood caries. Also, he is co-PI and biostatistician to study factors related to temporomandibular joint disorders and fibromylagia precursors in an established cohort of young women in which racial differences in pain reports have been found.

Selected publications:

Fisher-Owens SA, Isong IA, Soobader MJ, Gansky SA, Weintraub JA, Platt LJ, Newacheck PW. An examination of racial/ethnic disparities in children's oral health in the United States. J Public Health Dent. 2012 Sep 13.

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Burwell AK, Thula-Mata T, Gower LB, Habeliz S, Kurylo M, Ho SP, Chien YC, Cheng J, Cheng NF, Gansky SA, Marshall SJ, Marshall GW. Functional remineralization of dentin lesions using polymer-induced liquid-precursor process. PLoS One. 2012; 7(6):e38852.

Walsh MM, Belek M, Prakash P, Grimes B, Heckman B, Kaufman N, Meckstroth R, Kavanagh C, Murray J, Weintraub JA, Silverstein S, Gansky SA. The effect of training on the use of tobacco-use cessation guidelines in dental settings. J Am Dent Assoc. 2012 Jun; 143(6):602-13.

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Adams SH, Rowe CR, Gansky SA, Cheng NF, Barker JC, Hyde S. Caregiver acceptability and preferences for preventive dental treatments for young African-American children. J Public Health Dent. 2012 Jun; 72(3):252-60.