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DDS / PhD Degree Program

Individuals interested in The UCSF integrated DDS/PhD training jointly apply for admissions to dental school and the Oral and Craniofacial Sciences PhD program. Revolutionary discoveries and developments in such diverse fields as molecular biology, biotechnology, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and computer science will radically alter how we will diagnose and treat patients. In addition, there is an acute shortage of dental school faculty across the country, a scenario that is worsening each year. To deal with these and many other unforeseen changes in the profession, we need to develop a significant number of clinically trained scientists and scientifically trained clinicians. The program seeks to do this by integrating the UCSF DDS program and a PhD in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences.

Students begin their training with a focus on PhD related training for the first 2 years. During this time, they will complete required PhD course work and rotations, complete their PhD qualifying exam and chose a lab and mentor with whom they will complete their PhD training. One to 2 slots each year are offered in this training program.

More information:

For further information or questions about the OCS program please contact:

Roger Mraz, Program Administrator
Office of Graduate and Research Affairs
513 Parnassus Ave., S-619A
San Francisco, CA 94143-0430
tel: 415/502-7772
fax: 415/502-7763