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OCS Curriculum

The scientific interests of our current PhD students include research related to cell and developmental biology, protein  biochemistry (including extracellular matrices and salivary research), tissue engineering, oral cancer, caries, biomaterials, lasers and imaging, and clinical research.  Our curriculum is structured so that all students take: 1) the OCS core course which focuses on developmental biology, extracellular matrices and biomaterials, 2) graduate course in cell biology (directed by faculty in the Program in Biomedical Sciences), 3) a graduate level course in bioethics, 4) biostatistics, and 4) a grant writing workshop (see table below).  These courses are taken with other UCSF graduate students.  They are rigorous courses and provide our students with the basic science tools to advance their graduate studies.  In addition all OCS DSTP and PhD students are required to attend Journal Club and the Research Seminar Series courses each year they are enrolled in the program.

Beyond the core cores, students are required to take additional 4 to 6 units of selective courses. The choice of these courses is made in consultation with the graduate advisor, and is dependent on the student’s scientific area of interest.  The student may then choose a minimal additional 2 units of elective courses.

PhD students without a background in biological sciences, and who will not be attending dental school may be required to take and additional courses in tissue and organ systems of the human body, depending on their undergraduate background and in consultation with their research advisor.