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Research & Clinical Excellence Day

Learn more about Research and Clinical Excellence Day 2016:

Research and Clinical Excellence Day at UCSF offers students and research trainees the opportunity to present their work to the entire School of Dentistry community through posters and oral presentations.  On October 13th, 2016, the School will host its 13th anniversary event, which has grown steadily to include a total of more than 400 attendees and more than 60 presentations.  For predoctoral students who have spent the summer working on projects with their faculty advisors, this event offers an opportunity to receive feedback as they fine tune their presentations for a national audience at upcoming meetings of the American Association for Dental Research and the American Dental Education Association.   This day is one of the highlights of the year for the community, as predoctoral and postdoctoral students, residents, faculty and distinguished invited speakers mingle, question, argue, and learn from one another in an atmosphere that epitomizes the vibrant climate of discovery in the School.