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Summer Dental Student Fellowship Program

The Summer Dental Student Fellowship Program has a long and illustrious history at UCSF having proven to be one of the most important mechanisms to fund dental students' introduction to science. For a 3-month period every summer a select number of the best and brightest UCSF dental students participate in an organized program to conduct research on a topic of importance to dentistry. Working with leaders in science this experience allows students to learn the methods, tools and language of science that, for many, will propel them into careers in academia. This has been such a success that we view this as one of the most important educational programs at UCSF and a powerful talent incubator for our profession. It is truly the start of the pipeline of future leaders of dentistry.

 2013 Summer Fellows
2013 Summer Fellows

Fellow | Mentor
Jean Calvo | Brent Lin
Matthew Chang | Elizabeth Mertz
Samuel Clarot | Orapin Horst
Jose-Julio Hernandez-Blouin | Stuart Gansky
Janice Hwang | Ralph Marcucio
Neek LaMantia | Daniel Fried
Dongkook Lim | Wu Li
Johnathan Nobles | Sarah Knox
Rose Odsinada Oji | Stefan Habelitz
Oscar Reyna-Blanco | Maria Orellana
Ana Rodriguez | Judith Barker
Michael Wang | Jeffrey Bush
Timothy Wen | Andrew Jheon