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Brand Identity Resources

As of November 2014, UCSF has updated its brand identity. The goal is to achieve a consistent identity for the organization and make it more recognizable to the public. This new brand applies to all UCSF clinical and campus entities. Everyone involved in developing materials for the School of Dentistry and Dental Center is asked to follow these guidelines to achieve a consistent brand across the institution.

The new brand includes updated logos for the School of Dentistry and the Dental Center, a new PowerPoint template, standard colors, fonts, photo styles and more. Please note:

  • The main brand portal is
  • All of the logos have changed. As you update materials, please replace all previous logo files with the new ones. Basic logos can be downloaded here:
  • If you need logos that aren’t on the brand portal for download, please send an e-mail request to
  • PowerPoint presentation: Download an updated PowerPoint presentation template to customize to your needs.
  • Colors: Some of the colors in the palette have changed; there is now one unified palette for use by the UCSF campus and hospitals.
  • Business cards and letterhead: When you order new business cards and letterhead, they will reflect the new brand identity. Please be sure to use up your existing stock before ordering new supplies. Order new materials here.
  • Fonts: Standard fonts are Garamond (serif) and Arial (sans serif). Professional designers who purchase their own fonts should use Granjon and Helvetica Neue.
  • Standard e-mail signatures: Standard email signatures have been created that include our new logos and fonts. Please embed these standard e-signatures in your desktop version of Outlook, as well as Outlook Web Access.

If you need other items or have questions about the new brand identity, please contact Terri Hunter-Davis, Manager, Communications and Content Development, at