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Staff Educational Reimbursement Program

Subject to budgetary constraints, the School of Dentistry will reimburse the cost of work-related educational activities, including conferences, of up to $500 or the actual expense, whichever is lower, for up to a total of 6 awards annually. One employee cannot be awarded more than twice in a 12-month period. Approval for reimbursement for one quarter/semester does not guarantee continued approval for successive quarters/semesters. This program will not reimburse for entrance exams or related test preparation such as the DAT, GRE, etc. or professional licensure programs or costs. Expenses for books, lab fees, travel-related expenses or any other non-tuition related costs are not reimbursable.


Career non-probationary employees who work at least 50 percent time, have been employed with the School of Dentistry for at least one year, are on pay status with the School of Dentistry at least 50 percent time at the time of reimbursement and whose performance is documented to be satisfactory or better on their current performance evaluations are eligible.

Application Process

While program approval is prospective, reimbursement occurs after the fact. Application deadlines for 2017 are Jan. 15 for activities occurring between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2017, and July 15 for those taking place between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2017. The proposed educational or development activities must be related to the employee’s position and/or the employee’s professional, technical, or managerial skills. Prior to reimbursement for any educational activity, the employee must submit a written proposal for review and approval by the immediate supervisor, department manager and the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, addressing the following:

  • A description of the educational activity to be undertaken by the employee
  • The relation of the activity to the employee’s current job responsibilities
  • How the activity may assist the employee’s transition into future UC career-related positions
  • Whether the particular training or similar activity is available within UC’s Development and Training department
  • A statement of the relative importance of this activity to the overall needs of the School
  • The amount of the tuition reimbursement request

If approved, proof of tuition payment and completion of a course(s) with a grade of “B” or better must be submitted for reimbursement after the fact. For conference awards, proof of payment and attendance at the conference in question must be submitted for reimbursement after the fact.


In the event that a staff member is unable to use their award for the approved time period, the reimbursement is considered cancelled and the employee will be required to reapply for any future educational activities.

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