As part of our continuing communication improvement effort, PRDS is introducing admin/finance bulletins. They will communicate departmental policies and procedures and important deadlines.




Bulletin 2017 No. 1

New Travel Reimbursement Caps

Bulletin 2017 No. 2

Dispose All Printer Materials w/PHI in Shredder Bins

Bulletin 2018 No. 1

PRDS Town Hall Series

Bulletin 2018 No. 2

Annual Giving Fund Balances

Bulletin 2018 No. 3

Faculty Appointment Renewal Process - Timeline

Bulletin 2018 No. 4

Faculty Appointment Renewal – Preparation Guide

Bulletin 2018 No. 5

Reimbursable Expense Guide

Bulletin 2018 No. 6

Dental Patient Safety Conference: Invitation to IHI-Affiliated Conference




Town Hall 2018 No. 1

Celebrating Great People at Work

Retreat Presentation 2018

The Art and Science of Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

Faculty & Staff Retreat 2018

Faculty & Staff Retreat March 2018

Faculty & Staff Semi Annual Conference 2018

PRDS Semi-Annual Conference October 2018

Semi-Annual Conference Presentation 2018

Exploring our Organizational Culture