Perio-Advanced Instrumentation Course

707 Parnassus Ave., Room D-2009

Presented by Anna Pattison, RDH, MS from the Pattison Institute

This intensive day and a half hands-on course will review the fundamentals of use of the new UCSF Graduate Periodontics instrument kits to enhance your instrumentation skills and enable you to more effectively perform and teach periodontal initial therapy and maintenance.
Participants will work with periodontal typodonts, poles and two new UCSF Perio Instrument kits to calibrate their techniques, teaching and evaluation with a variety of new instruments. Continuous streaming online videos and live TV demonstrations by Anna Pattison plus a team of experienced instructors will provide attentive individualized instruction throughout the day. Extraoral, reinforced, opposite-arch, cross arch and finger-on-finger fulcrums will be incorporated into innovative approaches for scaling furcations, line angles and deep, narrow pockets.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
1) Describe the most important components of instrumentation technique.

2) Demonstrate and describe the differences between various grasps, fulcrums and operator positions for achieving optimum access, adaptation and ergonomics

3) Demonstrate innovative, alternative extraoral, reinforced, opposite arch, cross arch, and finger-on-finger fulcrums

4) Recognize the design, indications, sequence for use and demonstrate the correct use of the:
a. Marquis Probe
b. Nabors Furcation Probe
c. Extended ODU 11/12 explorer
d. Rigid Gracey Curettes
e. Mini Five Gracey Curettes
f. Micro Mini Gracey Curettes
g. Pattison Gracey Lite Curettes (newest periodontal maintenance instruments)
h. Nevi 4 and Nevi 4 Lite Sickle Scalers
i. McCall’s 17/18, Columbia 4R/4L and USC Barnhart 1/2 Universal Curettes

5) Demonstrate techniques for scaling maxillary and mandibular furcations, line angles and deep, narrow pockets.