POSTPONED - Update on Oral Health Products

UCSF Parnassus Campus - S214

Can charcoal whiten my teeth and detoxify my gums? Does it make any difference which fluoride toothpaste I use? Which “natural” mouthrinse reduces gum disease? How can I get some relief from this dry mouth and the bad breath that goes with it? Patients ask you questions about home use dental products more frequently than they ask about any other oral health subject. They need your professional guidance now more than ever in making the best choices based on their unique set of circumstances. Ms. Baker will compare manufacturer claims and objective clinical data concerning chemotherapeutic products for gingivitis and calculus reduction. Toothpastes claiming everything from superior mineralization to “5 shades whiter” will be listed in detailed tables to be used as a chairside reference when questions arise. The safety and effectiveness of controversial ingredients/practices such as licorice lozenges, antioxidants, edathamil, oil pulling, melaleuca, and molecular iodine will be reviewed. Both OTC and prescription home use fluoride rinses will be rated based on relative caries and gingivitis reductions. New strategies for xerostomia including patient handouts will be provided. The safety and effectiveness of over-the-counter whiteners will be compared to dental office dispensed and chairside products. An extensive and very current handout that will help you design optimal homecare regimens for specific patients accompanies this entertaining, yet comprehensive evaluation of homecare dental product information.

Educational Objectives:

  • Discuss selecting dentifrice for a specific patient based on type of fluoride, gingivitis or calculus reduction, abrasiveness, cleaning ability, and safety with chronic use
  • Identify most effective chemical treatments for halitosis
  • Manage a patient with drug-induced xerostomia and/or mucositis
  • Evaluate mouthwashes based on pH, alcohol content, and therapeutic effect

Intended Audience:
This course is designed for general dentists, dental specialists, and the entire dental team.


Professor Karen Baker has been on the Dental College faculty at the University of Iowa for 39 years and occupies a unique role in dental practice and education. She is a clinical pharmacist with a Master’s degree in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and is focused on patient-specific dental drug therapy. She has given well over 1000 invited programs nationally and internationally and holds memberships in many dental and clinical pharmacology and therapeutics organizations. Her dental education-based pharmacy and drug therapy consultation center is the only one in the United States. She has authored more than 50 articles and abstracts and lectures extensively in pre-doctoral and graduate courses at the University of Iowa.

CDE Coursework Units:
7 Category I Units

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