September 2019 BLS Certification Training

707 Parnassus Ave. Room D-2009

Monday, September 16th - Location: 707 Parnassus Ave., Room D-2009
There is a maximum of 6 attendees. You will receive an Outlook Calendar Invitation to confirm your registration.
Online component MUST be completed by Friday, September 13th at 12:00pm.
Instructions on how to access the online portion of the BLS Training will be emailed to you by Dr. Gwen Essex.

Currently, there are 4 spots left for the September 16th session. This is an American Heart Association training provided by Dr. Gwen Essex, and this course is approved by the California Dental Board. There is an online component which MUST be completed by Friday, September 13th at 12:00pm. A link will be provided to you to complete the online training, and it will be critical that you do not lose that link: we are not able to supply this again.

If you would like to take this training, but cannot make this particular day/time, please fill out the survey to indicate preferred times. Subsequent BLS trainings will be provided and your input is greatly appreciated.