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Climate Survey

Now through March 12: Make your voice heard

Be sure to complete schoolwide survey designed to reflect experiences and perceptions, spur strategic change

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The School of Dentistry is committed to fostering an environment that allows all members of its community to thrive. The 2018 schoolwide climate survey will help us identify where we’re succeeding in that endeavor, and where we need to improve.

What is the climate survey?
The climate survey is a set of questions that will measure experiences, attitudes and perceptions across a wide range of topics specific to the School of Dentistry. All members of the school community – students, faculty, staff, post-doctoral scholars and trainees – are encouraged to participate. The analysis and synthesis of the anonymous survey will allow us to develop strategic initiatives that build on the successes and address the potential challenges we learn from community members in the assessment process data.

Why is a survey being done?
To create the conditions for individuals within our community to be successful, feel welcomed and enjoy personal fulfillment, we must understand how they are experiencing the school’s working environment. The climate survey will generate the data necessary to measure what aspects of the School’s climate need improvement. The results from this assessment will provide School of Dentistry leadership with valuable information that will assist in planning for the future and enacting positive change in our climate.

How is the assessment being conducted and by whom?
Drs. George Taylor and Linda Centore lead the school’s Climate Survey Working Group (CSWG), which is working collaboratively with an external consultant, Rankin & Associates Consulting, to execute this assessment. The CSWG, which is comprised of 21 representatives from a diverse cross-section of the School community, is charged with the development, implementation and interpretation of the survey. In order to ensure that the most relevant questions relating to school climate are asked in the survey, the CSWG has convened 18 focus groups consisting of a broad spectrum of members of the School community to help finalize the survey’s creation. Rankin & Associates Consulting has been engaged to assist with administration of the survey, data analysis, reporting survey results, and developing strategic initiatives based on those results.

When will the survey take place and when will results be available?
The survey was open Feb. 13-March 12. Survey results will be reported to the School of Dentistry community in June 2018. Following the report to the community, Rankin and Associates will assist in the development of strategic initiatives based on the findings of the climate survey and feedback from salient school constituent groups, and in developing plans for assessment of the outcomes following implementation of the strategic initiatives.