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Climate Survey Timeline

This timeline chronicles the process leading up to the kickoff for the School of Dentistry's climate survey, as well as expected events during and after the survey's active period. Information will be added to this timeline as it becomes available.



May 2017

Phase I: Initial proposal meeting with the Climate Survey Work Group

Phase I: Internal and external systems analysis/Review of other relevant data

June-August 2017

Phase I: Plan conduct of focus groups

Phase II: Begin development of assessment tool

Phase II: Development of Communication & Marketing Plan

September-October 2017

Phase I: Focus Groups convene Oct. 23

Phase II: Complete assessment tool

November 2017

Phase II: Institutional Review Board Proposal Development. Approval projected December 2017

February 2018

Phase III: Survey Administration, Feb. 13-March 12

April-May 2018

Phase III: Data Analysis

June-July 2018

Phase IV: Development of Report

July-August 2018

Phase IV: Presentation of Report Results to community

July-August 2018

Phase V: Development of Strategic Initiatives