Faculty Retreat V: Planning and Enhancing Patient Care and Education

A successful 5th Biennial Faculty Retreat was held on March 15, 2019, at Bouchaine Winery in Napa and was attended by over 20 faculty, resident representatives and the Clinic Supervisor, Erick Lainez. The retreat this year continued the momentum we have enjoyed since Dr. Kapila returned to UCSF Orthodontic Division. Bouchaine Winery was located away from the hustle of Napa and Highway 29. As we traveled to the site, using GPS, I had my doubts about whether the map program knew what it was doing. On arrival we found a wonderful set up for our meeting and our excellent outdoor lunch of paella.

Sunil started the meeting with updates on the Dental Center followed by the accreditation, which was completed successfully in mid-April (see the Chair’s Message). Sunil also discussed the many enhancements and successes of the Division as highlighted in his message.

Participants received some in-service training on clinic operations from Jerry Nelson and Erick Lainez. Sneha Oberoi reported on the many improvements in the Predoctoral Orthodontic Program. She encouraged faculty to spend a little time with the dental students who rotate through our clinic. She informed us of plans to provide more basic clinical training on clear aligners to the dental students. The goal is to help them understand how to select appropriate patients for such treatment and to make informed referrals.

Working Groups

We then broke into working groups to on three topics with many new initiatives being proposed by the participants:

Predoctoral Orthodontic Program Group came up with these ideas:

  • Work with Predoctoral Faculty to discuss logical prioritization when treating interdisciplinary patients.
  • Develop a plan for ortho screening in the predoctoral clinic.
  • During predoc rotations, challenge the students with participation in initial consultations.

The Technology group had this to bring forward:

  • More intra oral scanners — move to digital models.
  • Increase clear aligner patients.
  • Treatment Outcome Simulator — working group to bring this into curriculum
  • 3-D printers — May be a bit early to implement, but needs to be on agenda.
  • Suresmile — introduced as part of Emerging Technologies course

The Competency Group:

  • ABO Case Scenario testing — This is scheduled to begin next year.
  • Interdisciplinary case requirements need some development.
  • Bring evidence into a Comprehensive Treatment Planning Model.
  • Formalize the TIP seminar evaluations.
  • Streamline the existing competency examinations.

UCSF Orthodontics Retreat V was a grand success, and was followed by a dinner at The Lodge at Sonoma.

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