Industry Award Named for Marshalls

Grayson Marshall

Grayson Marshall, DDS, PhD, MPH

Sally Marshall

Sally Marshall, PhD

The Academy of Dental Materials have paid tribute to longtime School of Dentistry faculty members Sally and Grayson Marshall by naming an award in their honor. The aim of the Marshalls Postdoctoral Award, given in recognition of excellence in dental biomaterials research, is to encourage and recognize outstanding research performed by individuals in the transitional postdoctoral stage of their careers.

The Marshalls have excelled in mentorship roles and have made significant contributions to the ADM during their careers. Both have been Fellows of the ADM since 1983 and currently are Emeritus members. They both served on ADM’s board of directors for many years: Sally Marshall, PhD, was treasurer from 1983-85, vice president from 1985-87 and president from 1987-89; Grayson Marshall, DDS, PhD, MPH, was executive secretary from 1983-85, chair of the Credentials and Awards Committee from 1985-91, secretary from 1989-91, and president from 1991-93.

Grayson Marshall received the ADM Founder’s Award in 2009, and Sally Marshall was the recipient in 2010. Additionally, the academy’s seal was designed by Grayson Marshall.

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