Meetings Help UCSF Dental Center Plot Its Future

Having just passed the one-year mark since its relaunch, UCSF Dental Center is taking a critical look at how it takes its next steps.

Staff, students, faculty and residents gathered at a March 2 town hall meeting, led by interim Dean Mark Kirkland and Dental Center CEO/Chief Dental Officer Sunil Kapila, that addressed the center’s vision, strategic plan, and pillars for success.

Following the town hall meeting, a series of interactive planning sessions offered the opportunity to give feedback on the performance measures the center should track, and help prioritize projects for the Dental Center in fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019).

The sessions (and companion online forum) centered on UCSF Dental Center’s four key pillars for success: Patients & Health; Business; People; and Clinical Education.

Taken directly from the School of Dentistry’s 2015-20 strategic plan, these pillars support the center’s vision of “delivering outstanding patient experiences and care, through an integrated center of excellence.”

A fifth pillar, Continuous Improvement, undergirds the others and is key to UCSF Dental Center’s overall philosophy.

Facilitators from UCSF’s Program Management Office (PMO) were on hand at the planning sessions and are assisting the Dental Center in moving its vision forward. Participant engagement was high — those present actively discussed and voted on performance measures and projects that they felt were most important.

UCSF Dental Center has completed or is in progress with a number of projects within these pillars. Information gleaned from the planning sessions will help guide the center on these and newly proposed projects.

More than 110 people have enthusiastically taken part in the planning sessions or have offered feedback online. That feedback will inform leadership of the community’s preferences and opinions, and will be considered when setting priorities and performance measures for fiscal year 2019.

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